Savenkeep Blog Mon, 22 Sep 2014 12:33:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Webinars: Generating leads and maximizing sales by Online events Mon, 22 Sep 2014 12:33:00 +0000 Webinars have come up as a new way to market the products and generate leads that results in growth in sales. Webinars, as the name suggests are online seminars which give you an opportunity to connect with the audience and convince them about the product or the service and ultimately increase your sale. A webinar is undoubtedly the best way to convert prospects into consumers. They have found to be the most effective online marketing.

  • It brings you in front of the audience who are ready to know more about the product.
  • Unlike social media marketing where only posts, photos, videos and texts can be used to interact with the audience, Webinars are a better way to connect to the people and build trust in your brand.

Registration for Webinar

The webinar should be promoted by sending invites on e-mails. Personalized e-mail attract people and will definitely draw them to the webinar. The users must also be encouraged to promote the webinar by requesting them to share images, videos about the webinar on social media platforms. The entire process can be made easier by using tools like WP shared plug-in. Another way to promote the registration is to partner with an agency which has experience and expertise in this field. An affiliate webinar can be conducted where the affiliates can promote their product and pay a percentage of commission. It is like paying to generate leads by paying a sum of money.

Recipe for successful webinar:

A successful webinar is one which has three phases- setup and marketing, conduction of the webinar, and a follow up. For a successful  webinar, it is important to meet people and greet them personally and chatting with them. This helps in building rapport, and making the audience comfortable. This should be followed by introducing yourself and sharing a story or a tip. The content presentation can go on for 10 to 30 minutes, which totally depends on the amount of content. The close up of webinar should be with tips and tactics that the audience can make use of.


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Stay fit at very affordable price by using the Misfit Flash Thu, 18 Sep 2014 13:16:47 +0000 Nowadays plenty of fitness tracking tools are available in the market, but newly arrived in the Misift Flash is the most affordable among these tools that we have ever seen. On Tuesday the Misfit announced the launching the launching of Misfit Flash, the device does everything what you would desire from a fitness tracker, it keeps a track of your sleep cycle and monitors your steps. The cost of the device is just $49, which is much cheaper than similar other competitive devices which are available at higher rates in the market.


The amazing device is a superb upgrade of the fitness tracking device Shine, which was first introduced near the final quarter of 2013 and now has users in 40 countries and counting. The Shine is presently priced at $99, whereas Flash is priced significantly lower courtesy of the company’s decision to use low cost materials, making a marked difference in the prices of the two fitness devices. Aluminum is used in the making of Shine and on the other hand body of the Flash is primarily plastic. Both the devices offer nearly the same battery life, which presently stands at a solid six months.

The difference between the two devices is that the Flash has been specifically designed to minimize your interaction efforts and is essentially one big button which you can press to quickly get a reading on your activities, progress and time. Flash is available in neon colors and features with a luminescent red LED display, while on the other hand, these features are not available in the Shine. Plastic bands have been used to offer increased flexibility to the device.

By checking on the price of the Flash, you may assume that the features and the capabilities of the device are limited, but the device is even capable of differentiating between swimming and cycling and also helps to set your fitness goals. From the start of October Flash will be available at retailer stores like Walmart and Amazon. You can also preorder this useful device from the official website of the company


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Competition to develop a large customer base by attracting wireless iPhone carriers Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:35:57 +0000 By disclosing larger model of iPhone, Apple got an opportunity to attract a large number of customer base. The arrival of iPhone 6 and 6 plus gives an opportunity the Apple to lure away the customers from the rivals. T-Mobile stands most relative to acquire the new carriers of the iPhone. The company is carrying wireless iPhone carriers since March 2013.

T-Mobile spokesperson said that they do not have many iPhone customers as compared to other mobile carriers, thus new iPhone launch provides them with a great opportunity to switch the window. T-Mobile is offering exclusive deals to the customers to buy the existing cellular contracts for $650 per family, but it is only offered to the MasterCard debit card users. Patterson didn’t disclosed how many new customers they have attracted after the pre-sale of iPhone 6 on Friday. He included that a month later after promoting the buy-out plan the company acquired 2.5 million customers and in August the number raised to 2.7 million.

Patterson also reported that people are getting frustrated with the restrictions and boundations of these long term contracts, he also included that people enjoy using their smartphones, but does not like their carriers, so they will try to earn business month by month. He also added that the there is no expiry date for the buy-out plan.

On the other hand Sprint is also offering same type of buy-out plan which will expire on 31st October. The new iPhone 6 and 6 plus customers should now be committed to the Sprint’s 2 years plan, which is an unlimited plan with $50 monthly and this gives with an opportunity to save $10 per month on regular pricing.

Sprint Spokesperson Marci Verbrugge-Rhind said that they will allow the users to turn upto three phones on one line. She also added that she couldn’t actually reveal the number of customers who have taken the advantage of the company’s buy-out plan which was launched in 22nd August.


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Quick guide to creating better and more social media friendly images Thu, 11 Sep 2014 11:53:42 +0000 It is very important to have a presentable image on social media platforms, this helps you to attract others and it will surely help you to increase your business. There are various online tools that will make your presentable image, by using these tools you can build your own sharable images and the best part is that it does not require any formal designing skills. The three most powerful online tools are:

  • Canva

It is an online tool which was established by designers for the non-designers. Firstly, you will have to create an account and then Canva will provide you a small tutorial and 5 challenges, which will help you to understand the functionalities of the tool. If you want to create your own template, this tool can be the best choice for you. You can change your work on Canva whenever you want as Canva saves your work in layers.

  • PicMonkey

PicMonkey is famous for its large collection of fonts and its friendly user interface. The tool is available for free, but if you get a paid account you can grab add free version and get premium fonts and layouts. It also offers an option of adding specific fonts i.e. if your company uses any specific font you and add it on the tool and then use it to design your image. The major drawback of the tool is that whatever work you have done using the tool you will have to save them on your computer because once the tool is closed the work is gone forever.

  • WordSwag

WordSwag is a designing tool which is dedicated to mobile only and is best suited for making quick quotes. It is a free app, but paid version is also available which offers premium fonts and designs. The app is fully loaded with exclusive designing features which will help you in editing your image conveniently without using your computer.

]]> 0 Samsung gives a closer look at the Note 4 Mon, 08 Sep 2014 11:57:47 +0000 Samsung is ready to launch its new 5.7 inch Galaxy Note 4 phablets and will be hoping that it will also dominate the market of the large screen phablets which it developed. According to Samsung, phablet users are more satisfied and loyal and spend more time on their phablets than a smartphone and tablet users do. To keep this dominance of the phablets, Note 4 has several improvements and the camera system of the phone has also been elevated. 16 megapixel primary camera with optical image stabilization offers clear view when you are capturing video without any shakes. Samsung also claims that the camera also has a better exposure time, which allows you to shoot even in dim light. 3.2 front camera with a wider angle provides an opportunity to capture group selfies.

To improve the battery management Samsung has added rapid battery charging feature that will charge the battery from zero to 50% in just 30 minutes. For better view the phablet is equipped with Quad-HD (2560 x 1440) Super AMOLED display. Adding to the beauty of the phone Samsung has a new front metal frame along with removable soft textured back cover. They also claim that the Note 4 is also equipped with an improved fingerprint scanning system.

One of the main advantages of the phablet is the large screen size, which allows you to multitask and run open several apps at the same time and it also offers more flexibility while resizing and moving around the windows of open apps.

Samsung has now teamed up with Oculus to design a gadget called as Gear VR Innovator Edition. You can click a snap on Note 4 through a USB inside a concealed compartment while placing the big sized goggles over your head. It will give you three dimensional 360 degree view. Gear RV is equipped with its own accelerometer, volume key, touch pad, gyroscope and back button, but it is dependent on the Note 4 for power


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Unravelling the best kept secrets of successful business people Thu, 04 Sep 2014 11:13:04 +0000 All of us must have come across people who tend to achieve whatever they aspire for. It seems as if success is like a cake walk for them and they are unruffled by the problems and also the circumstances favour all their endeavours. It will be unfair for them to credit their success to luck because it would then mean that every other individual who is struggling is just unlucky. It is a matter of belief that whether we create our own destiny or just fall prey to its merciless dictum. When we delve deeper into the question, the answer does not seem to as simple as yes or no. Focussing on what you can do and forgetting what you cannot is when you start making most of your life. If success becomes the habit for someone, the habit can also make you successful.

  • Courting everything that matter to you, be it relation or opportunity will take you places.
  • This approach works in every walk of life including your business.

5 point principle of courting that applies to both personal and professional life

Career, relationship or business, the principle of courtship works everywhere. Incorporating everything and everyone that matters is the first step to success.

  • In pursuit of your dreams: The act of pursuit is all about examining, evaluating and fine-tuning. The more you know about it, the more clearly your goal will be visible to you.
  • Confidence that exudes energy: Having faith and confidence in oneself wins you half the battle.
  • Wisdom to surrender: It is foolish to exhaust all your energy at the early stages of any endeavour. One should always take time to first settle and then excel.
  • Drive yourself to success: It is important to first define success to yourself and then aim to achieve it.
  • It’s all about give and take: It is a universal fact and applies everywhere. One should always focus on building a foundation first which will eventually make you successful.
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Twitter Analytics functionality is now open for all Mon, 01 Sep 2014 12:21:48 +0000 Twitter officially confirmed that its Analytics service is now open to all.

For a long time now, select users on Twitter were shown an option called Analytics when they clicked on the Gear Box icon on the web interface of the service, which let them see how their tweets were performing. The feature was originally intended for marketers, Twitter Card publishers, as well as Verified users, but a number of other users reported getting access to Twitter Analytics as well. After almost a month of testing the feature with a small percentage of users, the Twitter Analytics tool is now visible to all, and you can sign up for it today.

You will have to allow the account to collect your analytics, and once confirmed, soon the tool will have enough data to show you how people are interacting with you. From the number of replies you get on an average to how many people read your tweet, as well as your most successful tweets can be identified with the help of this tool.

If you want to take a look, just visit and gain access to a whole new level of Twitter insights.

If you find any issued, or need some help, Twitter has already put in place a Help and Support system for the tool where you will find frequently asked questions as well as guides to using the tool.

The analytics can only be used if your Twitter account is 14 days or older, and should be active, as well as in public mode. Protected, or suspended account users will not be able to see their analytics.

It is still uncertain what the tool will offer regular users, who may or may not want to know their Twitter insights. Brands will certainly love this tool as it ensures they do not have to rely on other third party Twitter metric tools anymore.

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Discover the Universe of gaming videos on Twitch Thu, 28 Aug 2014 06:31:09 +0000 After being denied by Google, video service Twitch has finally found a buyer. Last Monday, it was confirmed that Amazon acquired the video service for $970 million. Twitch is a video broadcasting service for the video game lovers. This broadcasting service enables the users to stream the videos of their games played on their personal computers, gaming consoles or handheld devices.

In order to upload their gaming videos users have to set up an account on Twitch and then they can start streaming their videos through their own channel. PlayStation 4 and Xbox have already featured in the Twitch and just require just one button click for broadcasting. Other gaming platform users may require more elaborate setups to broadcast their videos. By searching the name of the games or the name of the users, the visitors can visit the channels. This broadcasting service has also been used to capture various other events such as press conferences of Electronic Entertainment Expo held in June this year in Los Angeles.

Twitch claimed that in July the broadcasting service hosted more than 50 million users who witnessed more than 15 billion minutes content and the number of users broadcasting their videos has crossed 1 million mark. There are various reasons behind the success of Twitch, firstly the rise of competitive e-sports gave twitch with a brilliant platform to blossom. Gaming tournaments like Evo and Dota 2 have attracted viewers to watch the skilled players in a sport like atmosphere. The availability of the app on the video game consoles has made broadcasting very easy and simple. In last year November PS4 launched Twitch enabled version which increased the popularity of this app.

Amazon is trying to take a new step in gaming market, it has already partnered with Killer Instinct makers Double Helix Games and with Dong Nguyen who created Flappy Bird. Twitch provides Amazon one more channel to broadcast gaming videos and to make a permanent seat in the gaming industry.

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The glorious week for Mo’ne Davis comes to an end Mon, 25 Aug 2014 08:13:08 +0000 The media frenzy and social media hysteria surrounding Mo’ne Davis ends at last!

Barely a week after the Little League World Series start pitched a complete-game shutout, her team, Taney Dragons, has been eliminated from the series. Davis was congratulated by some of the biggest names in the country after her accomplishment, names that ranged from Michelle Obama to Lil Wayne, and got prime time coverage for her feat. Six days after Twitter was abuzz with what Davis had done, Davis and her teammates had to return to Philadelphia following the elimination from the series.

The Little League rules barred her from pitching in the last game, as the prior she had taken the mound. Compared to the tweets of congratulations and celebrations from Mrs Obama and others, the elimination of the Taney Dragons did not even register a small blip on Twitter.

The American people welcomed the positive news of what Davis had done, and it was hailed by many as a soothing balm for the anguish and hurt caused by a barrage of negative breaking news from all over the world for the past many weeks. On Wednesday, when she last took the mound, and estimated 5 million viewers tuned into ESPN to watch her pitch, the numbers far exceeding college basketball games for the last year’s season. Davis is all set to feature on the covers of Sports Illustrated next week on Tuesday.

Mo’ne has said that a few years down the line, she hopes to play in the WNBA, and given her skills, we may soon see her in the spotlight, albeit as an adult this time. A signed autograph by Mo’ne fetched $5000 on eBay, and while the young athlete is enjoying her fame, she said that the constant media interest is taking away the fun for her. We can only hope that the mania surrounding her does not cause any harm to her sports career.

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The 5 best photographers on Instagram that you need to follow today Thu, 21 Aug 2014 06:15:47 +0000 Instagram is incredibly popular and is one of the most popular photo sharing platforms in the world today. Originally launched as an iPhone only photo community, the service is now available for all the popular smartphones, and has millions of daily users. People from all walks of life join Instagram and share all that is happening around them. These everyday common folks often share mind bogglingly incredible photos which may sometimes put professional photographers to shame. However, it is not just the average users with their unique perspectives that make Instagram an amazing place, and there are several world renowned photographers as well that actively use Instagram and continue to remind us that there is a reason they are lauded and celebrated across the world.

If you are on Instagram and looking to spice up your image feed with beautiful and professionally shot photos, here are the five photographers that you simply must follow:

  1. Ellen Von Unwerth: If pop culture fascinates you and you want to see behind the scenes photographs of fashion icons, Von Unwerth’s account is definitely worth a follow.
  2. Ira Block: Been planning to go travelling all over the world, but simply not getting the opportunity. Follow Ira Block on Instagram to catch up with the famous National Geographic photographer as he visits every corner of the world and shares the best photos with you.
  3. Nick Knight: The visually creative and acclaimed photographer Knight has an amazing Instagram feed that elates you, enchants you and is thoroughly enjoyable.
  4. Pete Souza: The chief official photographer for the White House and President Obama himself, Souza offers you a peek into the world of high politics, and gives you a view of the most powerful man in the world that you will never see elsewhere.
  5. Jonathan Mannion: Specializing in the hip hop, Mannion has worked with some of the biggest names in the hip hop world, and has even shot the album work for Jay Z.
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