Savenkeep Blog Tue, 16 Dec 2014 08:54:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 New York is rising against the police violence and abuse Tue, 16 Dec 2014 08:54:29 +0000 This Friday, protesters organized a whistle rallies outside the police stations in the New York, it was a start of the second weekend protest, which started against a white patrolman killing an unarmed black man.


Approximately three dozen people marched past public housing projects in Harlem, where it is reported that the police abuse was very extensive before the rally started at the local police station house. In the rally, people blew metal whistles, the voice of the whistles pierced the cold air with a high pitch shrill. The organizer of the rally Kevin Lee, who is 59 years old addressed the protesters that they were there to protest against the policemen who regularly and routinely abuse the people in the housing projects.

The whistle blowing rally was the part of the waves that annoyed the people of the city last week because of the unexpected decision of the grand jury which decided not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who killed Eric Garner in July. The recent demonstrations have attracted fewer people and most of the arrests during the rally have been dropped. According to a poll that was conducted, most of the people living in New York agree that justice was not served in the Garner case.

A poll of 760 adults was conducted by the New York Times and Siena College from 4 to 10 December and it was found that nearly two third of the people participating in the poll believe that the jury should have brought criminal charges on the Officer Daniel Pantaleo.

Thousands of tourists and shoppers scuttled around the Times Square and the protesters were holding absolute black and white signs which included the names of 100 people who are the victims of the police abuse according to the organizers.

More than 100 people gathered in the Lower Manhattan in the cold winter on the steps of the City Hall to start a traditional rally, holding homemade banners which demanded the end of police abuse.

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Some of the mind blowing apps that can be highly beneficial Tue, 09 Dec 2014 12:40:03 +0000 With the increasing demand of smartphones and tablets, everyday lots of new apps are being developed for the smartphones and tablets. There are tons of mobile application available for the smartphones and tablets, some of these are simple and may not be highly efficient, but some of these are developed by smart and innovative developers which provide diverse functions and are easy to use. Here are the top 4 mind blowing application that you can look out for:


  • FastCustomer

Many times when we require customer care services, we have to wait for a long time to talk to the customer care executive and your lot of time is wasted which you could have utilized in doing something better. Thus, it becomes very necessary to have a FastCustomer app for you to have because it helps you to save your time. When you call the customer care, and when the customer care executive picks up to talk, FastCustomer will ring and let you know that you can talk to them.

  • Sleep Talk Recorder

There are a lot of people who talk while sleeping, but if nobody is there to listen you will never know what were you saying. The Sleep Talk Recorder app is a perfect app that will record what you talk and snore while sleeping, you have to just turn it on before going to the bed.

  • Heirloom

It is an app that helps improve the older images and preserve them. You have to just take the picture of the image and the app will do it cropping and colour correction automatically. The photos can also be left in the album so that they are not damaged.

  • Easy Measure

It is a wonderful app that can be used to check the dimensions of any object on the screen, simply point the camera of the phone at the object and then the dimensions of the object will appear on the screen.

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Four tricks to a better Twitter bio for your Customer Care service Tue, 02 Dec 2014 04:06:31 +0000 Twitter has become one service where every business simply must have an official presence.


With millions of people using the service, and a customer engagement ration that borders on addiction, people use Twitter to complain about poor services all too frequently, and if the brand they are facing a problem with is yours, you need to be present to take charge and address the issue promptly.

A number of top brands have set up separate Twitter profiles for customer care. This is a great way to keep your promotion and support team separate, and also lets your main brand profile free of endless conversation tweets.

  • Be direct and spell it out: What is one way to ensure that people know which account offers customer support for your brand? The one with customer support in its name, of course! Make sure that you include something related to support or customer support, in the name of your Twitter account. This also makes the profile one of the top results when people search for you on Twitter.
  • Reaffirm your services in the bio: Twitter is full of parody accounts, that spoof celebrities and brands. So go the extra mile, and also include the fact that you offer customer services for the brand in your Twitter bio.
  • Mention your service timings: Is your customer support available round the clock? Odds are that it isn’t, so mention this in the bio. Twitter is real time and people get impatient. A customer knowing that you are not available, allows you to simply respond when you login next.
  • Offer an alternative: If you have a toll free number, or an email where a customer can find support, include this in the bio, so that when you are unavailable, the customer has other options.
  • Humanize your support: Unless you have an entire team offering support at all hours, mentioning the name of the person who is offering help, lets customers form a personal connection with your brand.


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Ukraine Revolution anniversary sees hordes of crowds Tue, 25 Nov 2014 05:02:10 +0000 One year after the protests in Ukraine led to the toppling down of their president who followed Russian agendas, the citizens of the nation came out in large numbers to celebrate the anniversary of this momentous occasion.


When the then President of Ukraine, Mr Viktor Yanukovych made the announcement that he was going to turn down the EU offer for inclusion, and side with Moscow leadership instead, it was met with vehement opposition, and quickly led to full scale protests all over the country.

It started with the gathering in Kiev and quickly spread outwards. Initially peaceful, the protesters went on a violent rampage after the police attacked a group of protesters at a central square with clubs and extreme force on 30th of November. The violence brought in thousands upon thousands of Ukrainians from all over the country who flooded into Kiev and forced President Yanukovych to leave the country and flee to Russia.

The protest had first started in Kiev on 21 November, and this year the day was remembered by the masses as an occasion where they just prevailed over the corrupt and evil. Now dubbed the Day of Dignity and Freedom, November 21, 2014 saw thousand of people who spent the day celebrating one year of freedom from Russian influence, and mourned the loss of protesters who could not survive the police brutality.

The day was documented by Evgeny Feldman, a Russian photographer who was present in Kiev on this day and documented through his work the many ways in which people remembered what all went down in the city a year ago. A huge commemoration was held for the Euromaidan and it was full to bursting with all the people who took part in the event. Protesters who took part in the revolution last year were present in huge numbers, and spent the day in remembrance of the fallen Heavenly Hundred who lost their lives in the initial few days of the protest after the swift government backlash.

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7 Social Media mistake you simply cannot make! Tue, 18 Nov 2014 06:10:14 +0000 Social Media has become crucial to creating and managing a comprehensive brand image today, and is an immensely powerful tool which you can harness to great effect! At the same time, it is better to not have a social media presence at all, than to have one that is poorly managed.


Here are the top mistakes, no social media manager can afford to make:

1)      Going in without an engagement strategy: When you put up a brand page on a social network, people are going to interact with you. Whether they are complaining or praising you, you need to have a firm plan to respond to both. Just as important is to know what to say before you say it.

2)      Being inconsistent: Create a theme for your updates, and set a firm tone. Then follow it with consistency. Never make the brand appear like it is out of its depths.

3)      Using no social media tools, or using too many tools: Either end of this scenario will end up becoming a nightmare real quickly. Most tools have different metrics, so pick the one that you like and then stick to it.

4)      Picking the wrong network: Does your brand really need a Pinterest page? Is your Instagram feed identical to your Flickr feed? Don’t spread yourself too thin, and pick platforms that you need.

5)      Not responding to users: A social media account is different from a website, and people expect you to interact when you have a social presence. Being playful, doesn’t hurt, but do not end up spamming everyone that follows you either!

6)      Using platform incorrectly: Twitter is for short bursts of communication, while Pinterest is for image content only. A little cross posting is nice, but use the platforms in the way they were intended to be used.

7)      Sharing the wrong links: Referral traffic is the Holy Grail for which most brands create social profiles. Don’t ruin the opportunity by sending out an incorrect link.


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Cyber security will overcome with solving major hurdles: NSA Chief Tue, 11 Nov 2014 10:58:44 +0000 U.S. Nation is facing major threats through cyber-crimes.  But, the director of the NSA(National Security Agency)  told like, intelligence unit have to overcome this problem by facing major hurdles like answering the privacy advocates and giving the Silicon Valley type salary to the employees. In the Stanford University, the event which has been sponsored by the Hoover Institution and the Center for International Security & Cooperation, Admiral Mike Rogers, the NSA chief director and the commander of U.S. cyber activities had spoken in front of almost 100 technologists, he has revealed the problems and solutions regarding the safety of the United States. 

Mike is in the NSA chief position since March, told that he meets the Silicon Valley techies every six months to find their research and NSA is giving the same work force, but the Google pays higher salary than the Government can, but he is giving benefits which no one can give that much of stuff to work. In the event, there is conversation regarding the last years Edward Snowden revelations about the NSA’s surveillance, all the audience and critics has questioned him about the cyber security and their measures for safety. In front of the row, the famous cryptographers of the World, Whitfield Diffie is there and he asked that NSA is using widely used cryptographic programs which are tinkered, and are very easy to circumvent. Rogers replied like, he doesn’t want to decrease the power of the internet; he just revealed that, the strong internet is the best option of our nation. One of the audiences told like, some other nations are using internet to spy, is there are difference in this issue regards to U.S. Rogers replied no I fundamentally disagree with that, we also do this but not realm than other nations.

Few nations are giving the private contracts for the intelligent information and using it for the insights; we are not doing it with the foreign companies to steal the date and fill it up. NSA is working to pass the cyber legislation, according to the Cyber security sharing act; it allows all the telecom, internet and security services to search the malware threats and giving that data to intelligent agencies.

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Strict Limitations for the Nurse, treated Ebola patients rather than quarantine Mon, 03 Nov 2014 13:00:20 +0000 Ebola is the latest fear all over the World. also in the fear of this infectious disease. Into the news, the nurse who has been returned from West Africa after treating the deadly disease is in US and the Governor of Maine has asked court to put her in quarantine and want to extend it, but the judge rejected to keep her in quarantine and given some limited restrictions for her to displace the fear of the people towards the infectious virus. The nurse, Kaci Hickox’s has been keep on quarantine for 21 days and shown negative towards the disease, keeps the U.S. Politicians in big dispute and they have imposed some strict rules on workers and health professionals returned from the infectious countries.


According to the reports, the public concerns are like the spread of the disease is more in US and Canada. Canada is second after Australia for keeping the entry of the people from the African nations where Ebola is occurred. Politicians are asking to ban the travel between these countries for public health awareness. This deadly disease has killed already 5,000 people in the African countries Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

Maine Governor Paul LePage told to the news that he is highly discouraged with the statement of the Maine’s judge. Hickox, told to the press that people have to overcome from fear towards the disease. After the statement from court towards the quarantine, she went to bike ride with her husband. The court is aware that the people have out of fear from the disease, but there are some instructions to follow for Hickox after a telephonic conversation, Judge decided she must continue the health monitoring, if she wants to travel, she has to coordinate it with officials and if there are any symptoms of the disease, she must have to report it.

All the officials and the health professionals are aware that this kind of isolation after the people got the negative reports will leads to disputes. President Barack Obama also said the same that it will gives the lack of integrity and also it will discourage the volunteers, who are helping Ebola patients.


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The FCC set to provide an opportunity to the internet providers to become MPVDs Thu, 30 Oct 2014 15:12:12 +0000 Cable operators always had an upper edge over the internet providers when it comes to television. On Tuesday, FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler reported that he has prepared a proposal that will surely change the environment for the Internet Companies and give them opportunity for becoming multi-channel video providers (MVPDs).


Before adoption, this rule will undergo voting for the adoption, then there will be a comment period in which all the voters will provide their suggestions and critics and the after the amendment of the rule there will be another voting. It will bring more competition to the market, which traditionally has been a closed market and will bring the Internet based companies such as Aereo and Ivi in the MVPDs market, which were previously precluded from becoming MVPDs.

Tom Wheeler in a blog post compared the decisions about granting permission to satellite companies for becoming MVPDs. He also referred changes as technical adjustments will eliminate the technological considerations while determining whether a company is MVPDs or not.

This move is warmly welcomed by the Aereo and is supporting it, the founder and CEO of the company, Chet Kanojia released a statement that says, the way people are consuming the television is changing rapidly, but on the other hand our laws and regulations are not according to this change. By proposing this rule FCC has taken a meaningful step to bring more competition in the video market, as it is a common saying that when the competition increases, the consumers always end up winning.

The rule comes with possibility of Aereo to become a cable provider, which will not only give a new life to the company but also bring existing cable companies on their feet. The proposal intends to make the technology neutral by removing the differences between facility-based and virtual MVPDs. If the rule is adopted, there will be a possibility of big giants of the market such Google, Apple and Amazon may also become MPVDs.

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Huge loss for the e-Commerce giant Amazon and it will proceed! Mon, 27 Oct 2014 03:36:59 +0000 The e-commerce giant Amazon had already stated that it will lose huge amount in the third quarter of this financial year, but it is not disappointed with the future loss. But according to the stock reports, investors are having good time as they have already sent their shares by lower case with the primary warning.

Amazon, the Seattle based firm has reportedly stated that it has a loss of about $437 million, that is 95 cents a share, when compared with last year’s $41 million, that is 9 cents a share. According to the analysts that it will be about a loss of 74 cents a share. Revenue is almost 20% hiked to $20.6 billion by analysts and it has lost 23% till date from the starting of the year.

The losses will continue in the fourth quarter and the loss will increase when compared to third quarter i.e. $570 million with overall revenue of $27.3 billion to $30.3 billion, which is slightly shorter than analysis of $30.9 billion according to the reports from Thomson Reuters. In the third quarter of the year, Amazon has launched a budget smartphone Fire, to compete with IPhone and it resulted in a flop direction, initially the Fire was priced at $199 and it has down to almost a $1 and this gives the Amazon the ‘MISFIRE’.

Amazon has spent a huge amount of $970 million towards the popular video game trick site twitch in this quarter. Amazon is going to the important time of the year, as in this time the e-commerce will hit to $305.7 billion which is 6.5% of the total America sales, which is 16.5% the last year. During the biggest time like 2014 Christmas season; eMarketer estimates a total of $72.4 billion which is almost 8.4% of the holiday sales which is greater than the total sales of 6.4% per the year.

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Finally Monica Lewinsky on Twitter: Keep Tweeting Thu, 23 Oct 2014 12:07:56 +0000 Monica Lewinsky, we have her name in 1998 scandal with Bill Clinton and after 15 years, she is again having her name in global citizen’s eye. Lewinsky on Monday 20th Oct has opened a twitter account and tweeted like very nervous and excited. Tweeting @MonicaLewinsky is not national news, but it will be the hardest news for all the global audience from around the world, with Lewinsky sharing courage, with lots of energy, reinvented and rebranded.

Lewinsky displayed her in Twitter as social activist, public speaker, contributor to Vanity Fair and knitter of things without sleeves. Within six hours the followers are around 32000 and still counting and the World is eagerly waiting to see her new version. And what will be her motivation to join Twitter after 10 years of silence?

Lewinsky, she will be the only survivor, which her reputation has destroyed globally with the internet, which will be a mentally sick like a virus going deeply with various talks of the people. In the 1998 sexual scandal with Bill Clinton and it results in a deeply shame and even she had suicidal thoughts and she was only at the age of 25 when she is criticised globally. According to the writings in Forbes, she has revealed how she feel when the scandal is leaked globally through the website Drudge Report and she herself seeing in the computer screen shocks her identity of private details and it gives the news for critics, pundits and hard boiled commentators.

After some years of the dispute, she branded herself with making handbags and hosting a reality show and at time, she went to UK and completed her masters in Social Physiology, despite all these things, she is never out of the dispute.

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