Savenkeep Blog Thu, 23 Oct 2014 12:07:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Finally Monica Lewinsky on Twitter: Keep Tweeting Thu, 23 Oct 2014 12:07:56 +0000 Monica Lewinsky, we have her name in 1998 scandal with Bill Clinton and after 15 years, she is again having her name in global citizen’s eye. Lewinsky on Monday 20th Oct has opened a twitter account and tweeted like very nervous and excited. Tweeting @MonicaLewinsky is not national news, but it will be the hardest news for all the global audience from around the world, with Lewinsky sharing courage, with lots of energy, reinvented and rebranded.

Lewinsky displayed her in Twitter as social activist, public speaker, contributor to Vanity Fair and knitter of things without sleeves. Within six hours the followers are around 32000 and still counting and the World is eagerly waiting to see her new version. And what will be her motivation to join Twitter after 10 years of silence?

Lewinsky, she will be the only survivor, which her reputation has destroyed globally with the internet, which will be a mentally sick like a virus going deeply with various talks of the people. In the 1998 sexual scandal with Bill Clinton and it results in a deeply shame and even she had suicidal thoughts and she was only at the age of 25 when she is criticised globally. According to the writings in Forbes, she has revealed how she feel when the scandal is leaked globally through the website Drudge Report and she herself seeing in the computer screen shocks her identity of private details and it gives the news for critics, pundits and hard boiled commentators.

After some years of the dispute, she branded herself with making handbags and hosting a reality show and at time, she went to UK and completed her masters in Social Physiology, despite all these things, she is never out of the dispute.

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Nina Pham – A nurse who is doing really well after being infected by the Ebola virus Mon, 20 Oct 2014 09:40:26 +0000 The nurse Nina Pham, who was tested positive for the Ebola virus arrived Maryland this Thursday on a Chartered plane from the Dallas for treatment at the federal hospital just outside Washington, D.C. While leaving the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in an ambulance she said that she was doing really well. The ambulance took her to the small jet at the Love Field of the city and then plane transporting her departed at 7:09 pm which deboarded her at an airport at Frederick, Md. within three hours.

From there she walked wrapped up in a protective suit to the ambulance which took her to the National Institutes of Health’s sate-of-the-art facility in Bethesda, Md. Fellow colleagues of the health care lined her path out and cheered her showing the signs of support to her.

Nina Pham got infected by this deadly virus during the treatment of Thomas Eric Duncan, who passed out on 8th October at the Dallas Hospital. The  hospital released a statement on behalf of of Nina Pham which stated that she is very thankful for the support provided by her friends, family and coworkers. She is feeling blessed and have gained strength from the support provided by them. She also stated that she is really doing well, thanks to the team of talented coworkers.

Fauci reported to the U.S. House, a panel which is hearing about the Ebola crisis, that the condition of Nina Pham is stable and she is doing well, but he also added that NIH has facilities for only 2 Ebola patients. The NIH reported that Nina Pham will be treated in the Special Clinical Studies Unit which is designed for the isolation capabilities to the highest levels.

On Thursday Ebola screening was organized at four major U.S. airports and also in some schools in Ohio and Texas. The screening took place at Newark Liberty International, Chicago O’Hare International, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International and Washington Dulles International Airports. On Saturday, at the Kennedy International Airport, New York screening of the passengers from the West Africa also began.

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Gearing up for a successful social media campaign Thu, 16 Oct 2014 12:41:57 +0000 Successful social media promotions don’t just happen. In addition to hard work and great ideas, there are common themes that can be used to create promotions, contests and giveaways. Having a huge social media following is not a prerequisite for a successful promotion, neither is having a large budget to throw at your participants.

What you do need is a way to engage your visitors so that they want to become involved. Simple promotions can be turned into media events with just a few, or one, of these compelling ideas.

  • Urgency. Limited time offers and deadlines are effective ways to instill a sense of urgency into your promotions and pass that urgency on to your customers.
  • Scarcity. By offering something that people will want, even if it is only a t-shirt, but that has a limited run creates demand for the item. The limited edition item doesn’t have to have a high monetary value, it just needs to be scarce and something that fans will want to have. This option can be tied into the urgency factor to create even more demand.
  • Ease. Don’t make your customers jump through hoops for your promotion. The easier a task is, the better your response will be. If you make a contest too difficult to enter, you will not get people to enter and many will give up when they realize how difficult it is.
  • Excitement. Never underestimate the ability of people to get excited about promotions that can show off their creativity or uniqueness. Contests that revolve around the best comments for a subject or photo contests encourage answers and others to participate.
  • Appeal. The giveaway or prize for your promotion or contest should be something that people will want. It should be attractive to your customer base and to their friends.

Although each social media promotion is different, they all have common characteristics. These characteristics are quantifiable and can be used for promotions in many different areas.

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Unique Cinematography and Special Effects Raise Birdman’s Prospects for Critical Success Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:18:22 +0000 Michael Keaton and Edward Norton star in a film that critics have praised for its cinematography – Birdman. In one instance, Edward Norton even compared the movie’s camera work to the award-winning picture – Gravity. Birdman’s plot revolves around the egos of Keaton and Norton’s characters. While Keaton plays a down-on-his luck actor, who once starred as Birdman, Edward Norton is on the rise and their egos inevitably clash. Added to the movie’s unique filming techniques, the actors admitted in a convention that its release would catch the attention of film students because of its revolutionary approach to scene capture.

Although the film shows several scenes where the leading actors are in their underwear, it does so in a tasteful if not sad manner. For instance, in one scene Michael Keaton’s character punches Edward Norton, while the latter is in briefs. The accompanying dialogue and disagreements allow the audience to connect with the characters’ development. Starting with the mediocrity that the former Birdman actor displays in his attempts to resurrect his career and the cockiness of the younger actor (Edward Norton) that the picture portrays, it provides an entertainment factor that movie buffs would be glad to consume.


Although the movie’s special effects are certainly impressive, it is worth noting that its approach relies on Emmanuel Lubezki – the cinematographer. Thus, the resemblance of the techniques to Lubezki’s other work (Gravity). Nonetheless, the film’s visual style is appropriate for its plot. The major characters have to contend with less than desirable situations in life, and as a result, the sometimes-chaotic visual flow is part of the film’s larger narrative. It does not shy away from depicting the characters with less than glamorous situations. In the end, the movie is a combination of multiple techniques, which leave the audience with empathy for the struggles that the characters have to overcome.

Depending on the viewer’s perspective, the film’s visual style may add to the picture’s uniqueness or create more of a diversion. Nonetheless, its application reminds the audience those film making techniques that can make for an interesting movie-night and those that make a film become one tightly knit narrative. 

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Luke James – Watch the success journey of this soulful singer as it unfolds Thu, 09 Oct 2014 13:00:15 +0000 There are times when you run into someone with a gift, and you just know that they have a potential as well as the will to go all the way. Such is the case with Luke James. This New Orleans born singer is a natural when it comes to music and dabbles in it extensively. Such is his love for performance that he can be found crooning slowly even when he is not on the stage and there are no cameras around.

A singer who is trained in the Soul, Jazz, and Gospel styles of singing, and has also been a saxophone player, Luke is certainly no stranger to the many different styles of music, and his current stint with R&B is proof of this fat. With his debut album already released, James is well on his way to becoming a successful artist and performer.

I Want You, a song that features on his debut album has already earned him his first Grammy nomination, and the successful album has ensured that the singer is in the limelight.

The path that Luke James has taken to get to where he is today has been an unusual one. While he always knew that music interested him, for a major part of his childhood, he was a sax player. He laughs about it and recounts how he was considered a nerd because of it, and how one day he just decided to sing, and grins a little as he remembers how all the girls went crazy. That was the moment he decided that singing was what he wanted to do in his life.

Luke James wants to be know by the world for a very simple thing. A thing so simple, yet so uncommon today. He want to be known for being the guy who knew what he wanted in his life and dared to follow that dream. Come tomorrow he will be a different person, but today, he is exactly who he wants to be.


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Ad Week 2014 – Top 5 emerging trends everyone is buzzed about Mon, 06 Oct 2014 10:50:10 +0000 Advertising has been a constantly evolving industry, like many others, and yet there has been something so innately constant about it. The technique and the methods change, the understanding of human psyche has improved, and yet the brutal efficiency of advertising professionals has remained. Industry professionals are always looking to make their campaigns more effective, and the Ad Week 2014 saw these professionals debate a lot of issues, and discuss a lot of trends which are expected to dominate the way the industry works in this coming year. Here are the top :

  1. Programmatic Marketing: Algorithm triggered, fully automated advertising is on the rise. Programmatic was one of the most intensely debated topics at the meet, with most experts not quite ready to give up their reliance on traditional advertising technique, but also keenly interested in leveraging the advantages that programmatic offers.
  2. Native Advertising: Native is the buzzword of year, and has grown so much that it necessitated a separate category of its own in the IAB’s half-year report. Integration of brand content into social media is a great tactic, and has a significantly higher success rate when pitted against more traditional digital advertising methods like banner ads.
  3. Video advertising: Everyone loves videos, and websites are adopting the format at an astonishing pace. The global increase in average broadband download speeds has proven to be a great incentive for businesses to shift their advertising focus from photos to videos, and the results are positive as well. Video was also a highly dicussed topic at the event
  4. Mobile advertising: For many years running now, mobile advertising has dominated advertising talks. With powerful and more capable smartphones being released every year, advertising that specifically targets mobile users is not only on the rise, but also a highly effective strategy as well. The need for a special mobile first strategy was discussed at length at the Ad Week, and brands continue to flock towards this emerging medium


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4 must have Resources to help your self-employed career Thu, 02 Oct 2014 10:41:21 +0000 Work in today’s age has taken a turn to become something that most could have predicted a few decades ago. Not only is it common to find people who own their own businesses, the number of such professionals have become larger as well, and continue to grow.


As a self employed individual, you need to be able to leverage services and features that help you expand your business. Use these tools to make your professional life easier and more efficient.

  1. Professional networking groups and applications: Services like LinkedIn MyNetwork are a must for professionals today, and if you are a self employed individual, a presence on the service will earn you many work related leads. Join relevant groups and be active there to meet fellow professionals and get a lot of business. Use mobile apps to be active on the go, and never miss an update
  2. Join communities frequented by self employed professionals: Quickbooks Self-employed network is a great example of a service that you should be active on. You will get great advice to help you grow your business. Joining is free, and Quickbooks, offer non promotional content that will help you a lot.
  3. Freelancing sites: If you are self employed, you are no doubt looking for gigs and opportunities that let you work as a freelancer. Join top services for your niche, and you will not only meet fellow freelancers, but a lot of clients there as well.
  4. Get an online personal profile: While a personal website is the best way to go about this, if you are short on cash, a free service like will work just as well. The beautiful templates will let you discuss all your work expertise, as well as give prospective clients an easy way to reach you on various social networks.

Don’t just stay online. Meet professionals in real life as well using services like MeetUp, which will introduce you to great networking opportunities.

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4 incredible gadgets that really do exist Mon, 29 Sep 2014 03:50:20 +0000 The line between reality and what most people would call science fiction has been greatly blurred by many leaps and advances that science and technology have made. Every other day you hear about some new product or technology that just blows you away with its sheer complexity. Often you hear about a product that sounds simply too bizarre to be true.

Now I am not saying that these products are something that you need to invest in right away, but they are certainly something that you will be amazed to discover are real.

  1. Drinks you can inhale: You drink liquid and breather gases, and this is simple physics that everyone knows and should ideally adhere to. Just place the device called VapShot into the drink of your choice, and you will be able to inhale the drink which the device will convert into vapor form. Ideal for those who like to get an alcohol buzz a lot faster.
  2. Print your candies: Remember the Jetsons and the amazing machine that made food out of thin air? Well, the Chef Jet Pro is the next best thing, and is a special 3D printer that lets you print candy in a number of flavors and variations. What’s more, you can even select the shape and design of the candy!
  3. Forget about cleaning the grill after a barbecue: Everyone loves a nice session of barbecue every once in a while, with all your close friends gathering to enjoy the day. Cleaning the grill once you are done, however, is something that everyone could do without. The Grillbot lets you enjoy a few more rounds of beer, as it automatically scrapes off every last bit of dirt and charred meat on the grill.
  4. A phone that can bend: No, we are not talking about the iPhone 6 #bendgate fiasco! Samsung has launched the Youm, which bends exactly how you need it to, and is virtually impossible to break.


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Learn to create better sales leads with smarter application of social intelligence Thu, 25 Sep 2014 13:02:15 +0000 Every business ultimately boils down to one thing; recruiting of new customers. Whether you serve individuals, or multinational corporations, and whether you are a product based business, or a service based one, this one simple rule will always apply to you. The day you stop adding new customers, your business will cease to grow, and will reach a point of stagnation. Even the biggest and most successful companies in the world are always working to add new buyers, and spend billions of marketing. If you do not have that much money to spare for advertising, consider a cost effective alternative like social marketing.

It has already been proven that if a business engages with its customers through social media, the brand image improves drastically, and new users are roped in thanks to the publicity that is afforded to the brand through these interactions. It is no longer a question of whether social media us useful for your business, but rather how your business can start to take advantage of it.

Start out by closely monitoring the kind of people who interact with you, and how many of them turn into customers. Identify common traits, behavior patterns, and all factors that indicate a strong possibility that someone will be interested in your brand. Social intelligence is hardly a new concept, but the way in which it can be applied today has opened up a lot of new possibilities for businesses. From cultivating thought leadership content, to creating graphical content that people enjoy sharing, and even producing video or audio podcasts that engage in a new way with the audience, there are many things that you can do to be considered an expert, as well as to bolster your credibility.

While you are doing all of this, always keep in mind that analytic go hand in hand with Social Intelligence, and the best way to create a strategy is to consistently modify the one you already have.


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Webinars: Generating leads and maximizing sales by Online events Mon, 22 Sep 2014 12:33:00 +0000 Webinars have come up as a new way to market the products and generate leads that results in growth in sales. Webinars, as the name suggests are online seminars which give you an opportunity to connect with the audience and convince them about the product or the service and ultimately increase your sale. A webinar is undoubtedly the best way to convert prospects into consumers. They have found to be the most effective online marketing.

  • It brings you in front of the audience who are ready to know more about the product.
  • Unlike social media marketing where only posts, photos, videos and texts can be used to interact with the audience, Webinars are a better way to connect to the people and build trust in your brand.

Registration for Webinar

The webinar should be promoted by sending invites on e-mails. Personalized e-mail attract people and will definitely draw them to the webinar. The users must also be encouraged to promote the webinar by requesting them to share images, videos about the webinar on social media platforms. The entire process can be made easier by using tools like WP shared plug-in. Another way to promote the registration is to partner with an agency which has experience and expertise in this field. An affiliate webinar can be conducted where the affiliates can promote their product and pay a percentage of commission. It is like paying to generate leads by paying a sum of money.

Recipe for successful webinar:

A successful webinar is one which has three phases- setup and marketing, conduction of the webinar, and a follow up. For a successful  webinar, it is important to meet people and greet them personally and chatting with them. This helps in building rapport, and making the audience comfortable. This should be followed by introducing yourself and sharing a story or a tip. The content presentation can go on for 10 to 30 minutes, which totally depends on the amount of content. The close up of webinar should be with tips and tactics that the audience can make use of.


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