Savenkeep Blog Wed, 23 Apr 2014 11:06:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Data Security a Major Concern in the Modern World Mon, 21 Apr 2014 11:01:43 +0000 Data security is something that is gaining prominence in the world especially with the recent news of Microsoft stopping support for Windows XP, an operating system widely used in the business world. However, the increase in focus on data security is not keeping pace with the instances of data breaches and similar problems arising out of poor data security.

It has been recorded that just under a third (72 percent) of the businesses that have had to cope with a major data loss in the past have failed in their battle to sustain their operations and have actually folded up within a period of two years. What is even more staggering than these numbers is that around 78 percent of the organizations in the country have reported at least one instance of data breach in the last 24 months.

Moreover, other estimates state that small to medium scale businesses from the United States of America and Europe lose approximately one billion American dollars every year to instances of cybercrime related to data. Despite such numbers, organizations are yet to realize the threat against their operations.

For instance, 60 percent of small to medium scale businesses openly accept that they do not create backups of their data at regular intervals. 44 percent of such businesses also reveal that it is a choice they make because costs of upgrading technology are too much to handle for their operations.

Prevention of data breaches and losses, thus, should become one of the priorities for the modern business particularly if their operations hinge on the sanctity of their databases. There are, fortunately, many ways through which businesses can do this. All that is required is some awareness.

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Data Breach: Confronted by 78pc of Organizations in Last two years Fri, 18 Apr 2014 11:07:02 +0000 The confirmation of “Target” that debit and credit accounts of around 40 million customers were compromised only in December. Many consumers realized the danger and risks involved in entrusting personal details to such organization. Recently “Heartbleed” exposed Open SSL vulnerability to such risks. And if these exposures do not horrify you, you have probably not understood it thoroughly.

Large organizations and business take a lot care to keep the data secure. However, for medium and small size organizations and business, data protection and security is equally important, or probably even more. As for small business, data breach means bankruptcy. The fact is, 72 pc of business shut down just after 24 months after major data breach. It is estimated that cybercriminals hack more than $1 billion every year from Europe and the US alone.

Of course not all of the data breaches occur by hacking. Many breaches simply occur because of negligence of backing up data. 60 pc of the organizations with history of data breaches admitted that they were guilty of not backing up their data. Installing un-secure applications has been another major reason of data breach.

Anyhow, money can be blamed for being the major factor in lack of data security. According to a survey (2013) by National Small Business Association, owners of 44 per cent of small business say that they cannot afford the cost of up grading the technology required for high level data security.

At Imprima, the folks have carried over an extensive research and compiled infographics with facts about data breaches and data loss in small business communities. The results can make you tremble. Data breach was suffered by 78 percent of organizations only in last two years.

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Google wins to buy Drone Firm, in Which Facebook was also Wed, 16 Apr 2014 10:58:07 +0000 Google has bought Titan Aerospace. Titan Aerospace is drone-making firm. Last month it was reported that Facebook also wanted to buy it. It placed a bid of $60 million as reported by Tech Crunch.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has recently introduced Connectivity Lab. Connectivity Lab aims at increasing the access of internet to remote and under-served area. Facebook wants to ensure the availability of internet across the globe; Zuckeberg repeated his commitment to “connecting the whole world”. He wrote in his Facebook post: “Connecting the whole world will require inventing new technology”.

Google also aims at making internet available to each and every person on this globe. Google said to Mashable: “Titan Aerospace and Google share a profound optimism about the potential for technology to improve the world. It’s still early days, but atmospheric satellites could help bring internet access to millions of people, and help solve other problems, including disaster relief and environmental damage like deforestation. It’s why we’re so excited to welcome Titan Aerospace to the Google family.”

A 20 person team of Titan will work in close collaboration with the Google team on Project Loon. The team will work out on high altitude balloons that will provide internet in the areas that don’t have this service. According to The Wall Street Journal, the team of Titan may also work on Makani project for developing a wind turbine.

Furthermore, Titan’s drone can help Google in getting high-resolution images and real time data of the earth. Reports say that this can improve Google’s map feature.

According to the reports coming from The Information, Google also intends to buy another small company, Skybox Imaging. The company launches satellites and provides images of high resolution.

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LinkedIn Says Mystery App Is Coming Soon Mon, 14 Apr 2014 02:30:30 +0000 LinkedIn has planned a number of apps for 2014.  LinkedIn has already introduced four standalone apps and the fifth one is coming soon this year. LinkedIn plans to get adopted fully on a mobile version.


The four standalone apps of LinkedIn are LinkedIn, pulse, LinkedIn recruiter and LinkedIn contacts. What will be the special feature of Mystery App is still a mystery. Neither Joff Redfern nor Berrile revealed anything about it. However, it is assumed that the new app would be to enhance general user base.

It could be intended to build a base for LinkedIn 227 million members. LinkedIn does not have a lot of common apps that are available on Facebook and tweeter etc. For example, it does not have a standalone messaging app. It is less likely that the company is seeking to introduce a messaging app. But it is very much possible that LinkedIn may introduce an instant chatting style of service.

As Berrile said:

“Mobile apps work best when they are very focused on one specific use case or value proposition. So whenever we see a use case among our members that we believe is meaningful enough or broadly based enough to merit its own app, we’ll build that app.”

It is important to note that Berrile said on Thursday in San Francisco that LinkedIn 41 percent of users use it via mobile and LinkedIn intends to increase mobile users to 50 percent by the end of year. The upcoming app is more likely to make LinkedIn more mobile friendly.

The new app could be a beginning of a number of competitive apps by LinkedIn as in intends to introduce many features for the year 2014. LinkedIn seems to be in the mood of competing other social networks.

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Seven Things that should be taught in a Business School Fri, 11 Apr 2014 10:36:31 +0000 You can get a degree in Business management for $200,000. However, even after spending $200.000 most of the businessmen are not able to know the secrets of business success and happiness. Here are given the seven things that are not taught in a business school but are keys to business success.


First thing you should learn about business is to accept the failures in a graceful manner. Failure and success are part of a business and both should be accepted with pleasure.

Be visionary:

Set goals for future and treat yourself as if you had achieved everything you ever wanted to achieve. This can give you immense pleasure.

Gratitude and Appreciation:

Be thankful to yourself. Appraise yourself for each achievement. Show respect and an attitude of gratitude for your accomplishments. This will takes you in a win-win situation.

Patience and trust:

Be patient. Never go fast for any decision related to business. Look at pros and cons of each problem. Then decide with a cool brain and stick to your decision. Always trust upon your abilities and decisions.

Be Mindful:

Being mindful is less about your mental level and more about your habits. Business success and happiness revolve around mindfulness. Be mentally at a place where you physically are.

Don’t follow ego:

Ego can make you lose a number of deals and potential relations. Learn to overlook ego. Make decision with the help of your intuition from your heart. Yes! Really from your heart. Bypass your mind and wallet.

Think great:

You are what you think. Reality is what you think. Business decisions revolve around your thinking level. Always think positive.

These seven principle deems, so simple do not require you to send $200,000 but they can lead you to a happier and successful business life.

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Android TV on Its Way! Wed, 09 Apr 2014 03:32:29 +0000 After Amazon’s Fire TV and Apple’s Apple TV, it is now time for Google to come up with its own version of set-top box in the form of Android TV. Reports in the media are revealing that the Android TV is close to being completed and, hence released. As per the latest vibe, video app providers are hard at work on something suitable for the Android TV. A key characteristic of the Android TV is that it will be able to support gaming as well and buyers will have the option to choose a gaming controller in their packages.

The design and development approach to the Android TV is reportedly much simpler than what Google tried with the Google TV that was launched in 2010. The focus of Android TV will be user experience and convenience. Thus, it will try to make it easier and faster for users to find content with features such as voice commands. It is touted that a person will be able to go from the home screen to watching content in three clicks only.

The user interface is also expected to be very interesting. It is expected that the content will be represented by cards that will be displayed on a virtual shelf that the user will be able to navigate through using the remote control. The Android TV will also be compatible with most other online video content services such as YouTube, Hangouts, Pandora, Netflix, and Hulu.

The report that the Android TV’s development is almost complete and that a release can be expected soon comes after another recent news item that Google is in the process of strategizing for the launch of its own wireless service.

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Parents and The Digital Age Mon, 07 Apr 2014 10:27:26 +0000 Ask almost any parent and they are likely to say that their kids seem to know more about the internet than they themselves do. This is not an uncommon statement and for most today, it is a rather worrying state of affairs.

A whole new world of gadgets and gizmos

Gone is the simple laptop or the desk top, that most parents would consider the norm. Now there are many additional gadgets and gizmos that are often hooked up to these, to allow the user to experience a whole range of other activities.

There are so many new applications with confusing and rather unusual sounding terms that it often difficult to keep up with the changes. It is becoming more apparent that there is really no way a parent can really stop their kids from surfing the internet. It’s time to arm yourself with as much information as possible, so that you can at the very least know a little of what is going on.

What statistics say

Some sources such as eBuyer have taken the trouble to conduct surveys and have compiled their findings into a compilation on the topic of understanding the online activity of young children and teens. If found that a high of 95% of children between the ages of 12 to 15 are proud owners of at least one variety of media device. These may range from anything such as smartphones to tablets.

The survey also showed a high number of parents are comfortable with their kids using the internet and often discuss its safety measures with their kids.

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To pay head to bullies is not your business: Wil Wheaton advices Fri, 04 Apr 2014 10:55:08 +0000 Bullies must turn off now. Wil Wheaton is enough to deal all of your mean ways.

The answer of Wil Wheaton to a young girl’s question last year at Benver Comic Con is gaining attention and earning thanks once again. A litlle girl asked to the “culture guru” how to deal someone who calls you a nerd.

Wheaton’s response to the question gave a real answer to the bullies. He stated: “When a person makes fun of you, when a person is cruel to you, it has nothing to do with you.” He further added that: “It’s not about what you said. It’s not about what you did. It’s not about what you love. It’s about them feeling bad about themselves.”

Then Wheaton narrated his own story. He said that at school he was also named a nerd by bullies because he always liked studying and was just averse to playing. However, he could not help it as he liked being with book. Being called as a nerd always hurt him; but he was not sorry for being a book-worm.

The young girl was really moved by the answer. Even the mother of girl thanked Wheaton on Reddit for encouraging her daughter. She explained how the answer of Wil Wheaton was a great help for her daughter in school.

Wheaton was also moved on the post of the girl’s mother. He responded with his new advise on his viral video on his website. He writes: “I really try my best to be the person I want other people to be,” he further said “I don’t always succeed, but when I see things like this, and hear from people who have been touched or inspired by something I said or did in a positive way, it reminds me how important it is to do everything we can to be awesome.”

Wil Wheaton!! You are really the “king of kindness”.

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Brands Don’t Use Twitter for Boosting Sales Wed, 02 Apr 2014 03:19:39 +0000 Twitter has been used since years for brand advertisements and user engagements but surprisingly successful brands don’t use twitter to boost their sale.

Twitter is the one of the trendiest social websites now a day’s. With so many potential buyers present on twitter, the presence of brands is a must. Nearly all major brands keep an active presence on twitter. Hundreds of tweets are made every day, which follow thousands of re-tweets. In fact, the popularity of a brand is measured by the number of its followers on twitter. The more the followers and the more the back tweets, the more successful a brands is. However, it is interesting to know that twitter is not being used as a tool for boosting up brand sales.

A recent survey by Social Media Marketing University has shown that companies mainly use twitter to spread awareness about their products. They use twitter to improve brand image and brand loyalty. Twitter helps them in getting targeted traffic for their brand. This way they engage and get connected with their consumers and potential buyers via their tweets. Nevertheless, tweeter is not being used to drive sales by successful companies. Here are the top seven reasons why brands use twitter as discovered by the survey of Social Media Marketing University:

  • 79.4 percent brands use twitter for the sake of increasing brand awareness.
  • The main focus of 58 percent brands on twitter is to drive traffic.
  • 55 percent brands keep an active presence on twitter in order to engage their consumers.
  • Improving brand image is the target of nearly 42 percent brands on twitter.
  • 39.7 percent of brand seeks to improve brand loyalty via twitter.
  • Only 24 percent brands intend to drive sales via twitter.
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IPO for Candy Crush far below expectations Mon, 31 Mar 2014 11:12:23 +0000 The initial public offering of the very popular mobile game application Candy Crush surprised many people. On the first day of its trading, the shares of King Digital Entertainment (the company behind the game) fell nearly 16%.

The initial public offering at the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday caused many people to lose a lot of money. It appeared under the stock symbol KING and dropped with $3.50, ending at $19.00. Kathleen Smith from Renaissance Capital, a firm specializing in advising when it comes to IPO investment, said that the 15.6% loss was the worst in fifteen years for an IPO which is valued more than $500 million.

Smith continued that the 16% loss reflects even worse compared to other initial public offerings – averagely, IPOs gained this year about 22% during the first day of trading. This forms a strong contrast. However, all of the IPOs from the previous week – eight altogether – are currently below their closing prices from the first day. Kathleen Smith is suggesting that this could be a sign that investors’ enthusiasm might be declining for IPOs in general.

Initial public offerings from other companies from King Digital Entertainment’s industry, also have been experiencing difficult times. When it comes to tech IPOs in the past few years, the worst IPOs were game-related stocks. Shanda Games (from China) lost 14% in 2009 on its first day of trading. Zynga, an online game maker, dropped 5% on the first day, and since then it dropped with 50%. Some people are concerned that gaming stocks are just one-time trends when it comes to popularity. As soon as the game’s popluarity declines, the stocks from the company experience a difficult time.

On Thursday the initial public offering market will be tested again. Three IPOs will start their trading next week. These include biotech Applied Genetic, outsourcer Trinet, and financial Square 1.

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