Savenkeep Blog Thu, 31 Jul 2014 18:02:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Obama continues his criticism of tax inversions Thu, 31 Jul 2014 18:02:54 +0000 As a part of his ongoing criticism of the US firms that move their headquarters to a different nation in order to avoid paying a number of taxes levied by the US government, President Obama said that  these companies were gaming the system, and that the tax saving tactics being employed by these companies were unfair. These comments have only served to intensify the criticism that a number of US firms have been facing in the past few weeks.

Obama said that while the practices were legal, such practices took advantage of tax provisions and were unpatriotic. There has been a slew of companies moving their headquarters to low tax countries such as the Bermuda or Ireland, and thus shirking of their responsibilities as American businesses that should work to strengthen the US economy.

A total of 47 companies has reincorporated outside the S in the past 10 years, and as per the research done by the Congressional Research Service, 12 more companies are researching possible shift soon.

Congressional Democrats have been taking part in multiple discussions over the steps that need to be taken to curb such practices, and bolstered by the White House coming out so openly in their opposition to such practices, options are being considered, both permanent and temporary, that will make it make it a lot more difficult for companies to shift their headquarters than it presently is. Legal hurdles will be placed in the paths of reincorporation, and the move is projected to bring in well over $19.5 billion to the US treasury in the next decade if these new laws are put in place.

The companies that are currently weighing their options in regards to reincorporation include Medtronics and Walgreens, the pharmaceutical behemoths in the country.

Republican leaders, however, believe that such hurdles are unnecessary, and the government should be seeking tax reforms instead, which will reduce the top tax rate on business from its current 35%.


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Take Back The City – Gotham promo urges fans Mon, 28 Jul 2014 17:29:44 +0000 The Gotham Chronicles hits hard on the Gotham Police in the newest trailer to have hit the internet. The fictional newspapers from the world of the Dark Knight calls upon the citizens of the Gotham city to shun the police, who have failed to protect the city against crime and violence year after year, and look towards the Gotham Chronicle for justice instead.

The world’s greatest city, Gotham, is going to be the focus of the new show on FOX TV, where the brand new show, simple titled Gotham, will be making its debut in September.

This special preview has been created for the upcoming Comic Con convention in San Diego this weekend where thousands of comics fan will gather. The channel has partnered up with Uber to offer a special treat to its fans. Uber cars have been modified to resemble Gotham City  Police Department vehicles and the preview will be shown to comic lovers through the screens installed in these cars.

The role of the iconic Detective Gordon is being played by Ben McKenzie. The show follows the exploits of a young Gordon as he battles against the many criminals in the city and faces off against a few familiar faces in the Gotham universe, such as Catwoman, played by the young Camren Bicondova, the Riddler, played by Cory Michael Smith, as well as the Penguin, played by Robin Lord Taylor.

The world of Batman has been brought to the small screen many times before, sometimes through animated series, and at other times through the more traditional TV format. 2014 will see Batman make an appearance on TV through this new show that FOX TV has announced. The show will no doubt attract many avid viewers as the fans of the world’s greatest detective line up to see whether Gotham lives up to the standards set by Nolan through his now iconic movie trilogy.

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Get ready for the internet of things in parks around you Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:09:47 +0000 In the near future everything will be interconnected to each other from espresso machines to city transit systems. Due to the arrival of the internet, like the computer, every dumb object like heaters, dishwaters and doors etc. will be online. Technology will ease everything, with the advent of GPS, you will be able to coordinate the traffic patterns on your phone and stay away from the congestion. Houses will also be automated, fridges will inform you when you are out of milk and the thermostat will respond to your command.

It is predicted by Cisco that by the year 2020, more than 50 billion things will be connected to the internet. Whatever may be the situation in 2020, things in 2014 are much slower, most of the people still don’t know properly about the internet, they cannot even describe it properly. A branch of MIT’s media lab released the Soofa recently, which is connected to the solar-powered bench and can be used to charge any USB-connected device such as Android tablets, iPhone, Kindles and many more. Its ability to charge your phone is just a little, Soofa promises much more.

The Soofa is not only about charging your phones, every power bench connected wirelessly to the internet uploads the environmental data such as air quality and noise levels directly to the website of the Soofa. The backbone of the smart city is the capability of gathering the environmental date and converting it into useful information. Sandra Ritcher, the co-founder of the Soofa is thinking to take this concept seriously not just in Boston, but in fact taking it way further than that. For the success of the Soofa, its initial stage is very critical as it is all about discovering what people desire from these devices. Soofa has been appreciated by some of the big giants of the industry such as MIT, Cisco and Verizon. Conversion of the smart city concept to reality needs vast infrastructure changes, which is still very enormous.

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A ground shaking explosion and a demolished hospital – Just another day in Gaza Mon, 21 Jul 2014 07:06:00 +0000 It is not uncommon to sleep fitfully when you are in Gaza, surrounded by the sounds of occasional explosions, and waking up to entire building gone, that stood just a day prior. The newest establishment to fall victim to the relentless barrage of missiles and rockets from Israel this week was the Al-Wafa Hospital.

Even the night prior to the decimation of this hospital, an F-16 razed to ground an apartment very close to where I was holed up, trying to sleep, while keep waking up to loud sounds of buildings being destroyed by the bombardment.

The streets of Gaza are mostly empty, be it night or day. Human activity has come to a virtual standstill, and one can easily discern the sound of Israeli drones hovering up in the air.

Ali Hasan, a senior nurse at the Al-Wafa Hospital talked about the multiple fires that the hospital took, and the evacuation of patients in the dead of the night, covered in blankets, while the hospital was still being fired at. The patients have been taken to another clinic, situated in the center of Gaza city, leaving behind the smouldering ruin that was a fully fledged hospital just 2 days ago. Al-Wafa was the only medical institution in Gaza that offered specialist rehabilitation services, and Ali Hasan suspects that a lot of lives will be lost in the wake of this bombing.

The bombing of Al-Wafa was hailed as a crime against humanity by the director of the hospital. All the employees have returned to work, because horrific as it may be, this has become a regular occurrence in Gaza, and has come to be accepted as normal. Another apartment block was demolished the same day, its residents being given a warning call by the Israeli ministry to evacuate the complex, shortly after which, it was blown away by an F-16 fighter jet.

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Blackberry in fresh trouble as their stock hits record low following Apple-IBM deal Fri, 18 Jul 2014 05:58:44 +0000 While the major partnership between Apple and IBM may spell great news for the tech industry and lead to all kinds of new products and cutting edge innovations, for one company at least, the news has been nothing short of a calamity.

Blackberry, which is already struggling in the wake of their continued decline in popularity and stiff competition from iOS and Android phones, saw the value of its stocks fall by a whopping 10% during the midday trading on Wednesday. This drop followed the partnership announcement between Apple and IBM, where Apple said that it would be targeting the enterprise section next, and with the help of IBM, will offer them special iPads and iPhones.

The announcement naturally caused a lot of issues for Blackberry, since for decades Blackberry has held a very strong position in the enterprise segment, whereas enterprise has always been a weak area for Apple. But the new partnership seeks to change this, and will make life harder for Blackberry which is trying to turn around its business after the debacle last year.

Blackberry has steadily been losing ground to newer players in the mobile market. Android is now the global leader when it comes to the number of users and penetration, while Apple’s iOS comes a close second. In the enterprise segment, however, the case is quite different, and Blackberry has always had an almost fanatic following in the corporate world. While Apple  looks to destabilize Blackberry and capture even more market share, Blackberry is certainly not backing down, and has posted an encouraging annual result this year. The stock values are up, and the company is on the track to recovery, poised as a niche player in the international market, and a user community that is fiercely loyal. Whether the Apple-IBM deal manages to change this, is something that we will just have to wait and see.

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Get rid of junk on your smartphone to free up more space Wed, 16 Jul 2014 05:34:37 +0000 We all get very excited when we buy a new phone. When you buy a new phone you think half gigabyte free space is enough for you to run all the required applications. But after sometime when you have exhausted all the free space the Android or IOS start complaining that there is not enough space to install new updates to your apps. We all face the same problem and then we are forced to uninstall some of the apps to free some space.

To add some free space to your mobile phone you will have to delete some of the unwanted apps which you don’t use or are not important to you. You have to make a judgement which app is how important is the app for you and then delete it accordingly. Sometimes making a decision to delete an app becomes very complicated ad you get confused among the choices.

While deleting your apps first thing you should do is to find out which app is utilizing unusual data amounts. This can be done by looking at the app settings in both Android and IOS. Tap on the heavy applications and check if the program is dwarfed by the data it is saved on the device. Twitter app has become a large monster in the Android phones as it eats about 800 megabytes of memory. On Thursday afternoon an update of the app came up and freed up all the lost space and also ended up annoying hang-ups while displaying search results and pictures.

Now if none of your app which is left is unimportant, then in order to free some space you will have to delete unwanted music, photos and videos, while deleting them you can take the backup of your photos on services like iCloud or Google+. If your Android phone have 4.2 version or newer, you have an extra option to get some free space, tap the ‘cached data’ button in the apps setting and the system will offer you to delete the unwanted files.

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The world’s largest water slide just opened up for customers Mon, 14 Jul 2014 10:49:29 +0000 If you love water slides and adventure, the Verruckt water slide in Kansas City is the place to be right now. This newest addition to the Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas is all set to wow people with a ride that never seems to end.

Before you can slide your way down the fun filled slide, you will have to climb up a grand total of 264 stairs. To put this into perspective, this is higher than the Statue of Liberty. It is also higher than the Niagara Falls, and has been very aptly named. Verruckt means insane in German, and being the largest water slide to ever have been built anywhere in the world, insane seems the perfect way to describe this adventure.

It was officially given the status of being the largest water slide in the world in April, and the park had been delaying the opening of the slide in order to make sure that everything was perfect. A lot of security changes had to be made, and last moment adjustments done in order to make the slide down from the top as exciting yet safe for the users as possible.

Some changes made to Verruckt include a reduction in people that the raft can hold from 4 to 3, and the change in the angle of the slide to 22 degrees in order to make it ‘gentler’ for everyone. The hill was also raised by 11 feet to make the trip last a little longer, and now the Verruckt is all set to thrill the thousands of visitors who will be making a trip the water park in the opening week.

Be prepared to go through a lot of warning and disclaimers before you can get anywhere near the top of the slide. Once particularly alarming warning that the slide carries is the possibility of death.

The Verruckt is not for the faint of heart, and Jeff Henry, the specialist who designed this slide, calls it the “baddest [sic] ride ever built”, and is only meant for those who have it in them to survive the steep fall.

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Amazon offers a 100 % money from the sale of ebooks to all authors published by Hachette Fri, 11 Jul 2014 05:58:00 +0000 The now public battle between Amazon, the leading ebook seller in the world, and Hachette, a renowned publishing house, seems to be getting heated up by the day. After a long standoff between the two companies over the profit percentages to be shared by the online retailer and the publishing house for every book that Amazon sells. The stalling by Hachette has been countered by Amazon in a very unique way. The company has offered all authors that have had their books published by Hachette, 100% share of every sale that is made of their books on the Amazon ebook store.

While the top ranking authors associated with Hachette will not be hurt by the brawl between Hachette and Amazon, the mid-listers, and the authors who are just making their debut, cannot afford to have their book sales be affected by the skirmish between the two companies. Amazon has already blocked pre-order services for any upcoming books that has been published by Hachette Publishing, and the long drawn battle is hurting a number of authors associated with the publishing house. The letter sent out by the company to these authors has been verified by a source in Amazon, and is said to be a move by the company to take away the leverage of Hachette, who, according to Amazon are using their authors as hostage in order to not relent their point in their negotiations with Amazon.

The move by Amazon has quickly gained a lot of attention, and has even attracted the ire of several acclaimed authors that are associated with Hachette. Douglas Preston, popular thriller and horror writer, have come out in defense of Hachette and claims that this move by Amazon will harm the publishers, while causing next to no damage to Amazon itself. He also added that despite the additional money he stands to make, he is against this move. “To take that money would really violate my moral and ethical principle. My publisher, Hachette, gave me a large advance for that novel, and I feel an obligation to pay that money back to them before I get any more money from the book.”

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Laser precision offered by the latest LG smartphone cameras Wed, 09 Jul 2014 12:23:08 +0000 The newest flagship phone by LG, the G3 is here, and is open for pre-order. It will also be available in stores this Friday, and has an exquisite range of features that will make a lot of tech reviewer take note.

If the incredibly clear screen, 4G LTE connectivity, improved and longer lasting battery, and the juiced up processor in the phone were not reason enough for you to seriously consider buying the G3, the incredible camera that the phone comes equipped with should certainly ensure that you do a double-take. In an industry where smartphone manufacturers are busy playing the megapixel game, and coming out with cameras with higher MP count than most entry level DSLRs, LG has taken a step back and offered a camera that offers better and sharper photos without going overboard with the MP count.

The LG G3 boasts of image stabilization, 4K video recording capabilities, and has laser sensors to help the camera focus on the target faster. Yes, you heard it right. Laser sensors have been installed into the LG G3 to make sure that you can get a clear and sharp picture as soon as you fire up the camera app. There is no delay at all when you click the photo, and you get a perfectly focused image as soon as you touch the screen.

The 5.5 inch smartphone has a design that is quite similar to the previous flagship phone launched by LG. The design is classic, beautiful and functional, and thus LG had good reason to stick to it. The phone is a little bulkier though, and there are a lot of control options on the back panel to allow photography enthusiasts to play around with a ton of features. The camera is placed on the back panel, alongside the flash and the infrared laser device.

Every time you take a picture, the infrared lens helps the camera identify people faster, and drastically reduced focusing time, while greatly enhancing the sharpness of the photograph. However, you are stuck with the default camera app by LG, since no other Android apps currently support laser targeting.

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Are you emotionally intelligent enough to successfully woo potential employers? Tue, 08 Jul 2014 08:57:14 +0000 How many times have you given an interview in the past where you thought everything was perfect and you were going to be selected for sure, but never even heard back from the company? Do you have the right qualifications, experience, and the added skills which would clinch any job that you applied for, and yet no job application is turning into an offer?

The job market has become ultra-competitive and for every job position that you apply, there will be a hundred other with similar qualifications, if not better. So why would anyone pick you over others? You need to show that you offer a little extra, and that hiring you is only logical for the company. Maybe your emotional intelligence is where you need to distinguish yourself.

While an applicant is primarily focusing on the experience and professional qualifications that make him suitable for a job, recruiters have a little different image of the perfect employee in their minds. The employee that they seek is smart, and has a well rounded personality. Emotional intelligence is a factor that is gaining traction with employers, and may just be the thing that you need to work on in order to succeed as a professional.

Emotional intelligence is a combination of several traits which, when observed in a single person, denote that the person has a high degree of intelligence and can be expected to perform better than a person who lacks these traits. Self awareness, empathy, self motivation, and social skills are some points against which your emotional intelligence is judged, and once you know the points where you lack, you can work to improve them.

  • Be ready to adapt
  • Be passionate about your goals

Sites like IHHP, and TalentSmart can help you find out where you are lacking, so that you can work on improving in these areas. The best way for a recruiter to assess your emotional intelligence is through a personal interview. Your body language, the way you talk, your intonation, and a variety of other factors can often communicate how confident you are. Learn to take control, and your interviews will start yielding more positive results.

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