Savenkeep Blog Wed, 15 Apr 2015 04:45:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Can the Golden Apple Watch Beat the Luxury Watch Market Wed, 15 Apr 2015 04:45:29 +0000 Many people would have thought that the commercialization of cellphone would doom the wristwatch industry, but it did not. Despite the cellphone being capable of doing everything better than what an average wristwatch could do, like showing time, date, stopwatch and alarms, the wristwatches remained as sellable as they were before the cell phone.


There are many reasons due to which the wristwatch industry got away with the cellphone “challenge”. They are one of those few gadgets, which people see as a collectable item. Sometimes watches “feel” better as a helping gadget like during swimming, exercising, skydiving, and things like that.  And above all, wristwatches are seen as a status symbol.

There is some news floating over internet that Apple has planned to release 1 million golden smartphone watches. If we look at the Swiss watch market, the annual production of all the watchmakers is about 2.2 million units.

How pragmatic is the Apple’s plan to target the luxury watch market? It is a fact that people are happily investing up to $300 for buying the smart watches, but can the golden Apple watch compete with the other luxury watch makers like Omega and Pattack Philippe?

Answering these questions requires a careful study of the Luxury watch companies. Let us take a recent model of Omega as an example. The Omega speed master dark side of the moon costs more than $10,000. It has a stopwatch and a tachymeter (to calculate speed); its hands are painted with a material to make them shine in the dark. Some of its parts are golden, but it’s not all cased in gold.   What make it luxurious are the exclusive and advanced timekeeping mechanism the watch uses and the company’s history with the moon (an omega watch was worn by Buzz Aldine when he walked on the moon). So, people buy this watch because it’s exclusive and has a history.

Coming back to the Apple’s golden smart watch, the gold itself is luxury and exclusiveness. Further, the exquisite design, the ability to connect to the smartphone, applications, face changing options, up gradation facilities and more than that the brand name add value in the smart watch.

Given that you have no budget issues, which one of the two watches will you buy? My answer would be, ‘Both’.

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What Generation Y Wants from the Employers Tue, 07 Apr 2015 05:14:57 +0000 There are enough of researches to prove the millennial employees different from the former generations. With the increasing percentage of Gen Y employees in the workforce (which will reach 50% by 2020), it is important for the employers to realize the wants and needs of this generation in order to retain them in the first place, and then benefit from the talent they have. This article explores the perspective of millennial workers towards the work life.

Wok life balance might seem an old term, but the employers of the generation X didn’t really feel the intensity of it from their workforce. That generation preferred to look at their personal life as being not relatable to their work routine. All they wanted from the employers was a handsome paycheck.


Things have changed now, the generation Y is talking about versatility in their assigned duties and flexibility in their work schedule. They do not mind taking their work to home or working from the home altogether. They do not polarize their work and personal lives. It means that they expect a feel-home kind of environment at their workplace.

This makes the employers think differently about the employee benefits. An employee oriented work philosophy, which gives authority and responsibility to its employees, is the key to retain the workforce for longer periods. Creating an attractive work environment for the employees require provision of incentives and perks to recognize their efforts.

Free meals, option to work from home when needed, paid holidays, occasional happy hours, nicely designed office area, are just a few of the incentives modern companies are providing.

Talking about the millennial generation, the most important thing is to give personal time and space to the employee whose prime goal is development of the career rather than more incentives which seasoned employees tend to ask for.

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A Brief Overview on How to Blog Tue, 31 Mar 2015 03:50:40 +0000 Depending on a vigorous content strategy alone does not serve you anything in a highly competitive world of blogging. You have to pay more attention on how to blog if you want to use your blog as a useful tool for marketing. A successful blogger starts from laying out the purpose of the blog:


Decide the purpose of your blog

Your blog serves one of the two reasons.

  • You can use it for branding like IBM
  • You can use it purely for sales like HubSpot

A blog used for branding has nothing to do with sales; instead, it focuses on developing a strong brand image in customers’ minds. Conversely, if you want to generate leads from the blog then the underlying objective will be centered on sales. A sales oriented blog contains strong calls-to action in its content that a branding oriented blog lacks.

Select key performance indicators

Performance indicators translate how your blog is doing. Some most frequently used KPIs for blog management include page views, blog visits, number of likes, social media shares and conversion rate. Using a combination of KPIs like social media shares and conversion rate is a better and more practical approach.

Once you have selected the KPIs for your blog, keep in mind that the blog takes time before giving you the results. A visitor is least likely to make a purchase just after his/her first visit to your blog. In fact, a spokesperson for Moz reported that a customer, on an average, interacts seven times with the blog before making a purchase.

Find out the best combination of blog features

It is very important to work with the best combination of features on your blog as it gives you maximum results. This phenomenon is perfectly incorporated by the mad scientists on BuzzFeed who selected the most efficient format for their headlines and feature images after tying dozens of variations. Applying the best combination allows you to get the highest output from your blog.

Count on intuition

Intuition comes with wisdom and so, numbers and metrics cannot substitute it. Use data to check your intuition and to make decisions but, never let go of what your experience says and how you analyze the situation. Data is not always available and in such circumstances intuition is the only way out.

Play your cards wisely if you really want to get a competitive edge through blogging. Focusing on a result driven approach can really do wonders for your blog if you do it right!

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How not to lose Friends While Traveling Frequently Tue, 24 Mar 2015 12:22:17 +0000 If you have recently started working in a place that requires a lot of traveling, and because you loved traveling, you happily accepted the offer, brace yourself for the price it comes with. The fact is you might lose some real friends of yours in return. Friendship is strongly connected with socializing stuff; with your repetitive absence from the ‘scene’, even your closest friends may get used to you not being around and when you sit back with your friends after 6 months, you might get an instant feeling that there is no longer that charisma of friendship left between you and your (once) friends. This is a frightening situation. Let us tell you some ways about how not to lose your friends when you (have to) travel a lot.


Stick With Them through Social Media

No one stops you from posting your Selfie in Burj Khalifa, but deciding not to post a Grandfie that you took with your friends last month, which you feel has got outdated, is a very bad idea. Do not miss any chance to make your friends feel like you miss the time spent with them.

Complain (Lie) About Traveling

Your traveling extravaganza can seriously make your nine-to-five friends jealous. Always pretend to hate the time that is ‘wasted’ while traveling and your inability to be around them.

Be Around At least for Very Special Events

If you really care about your friends, there is always a way to be around for a birth anniversary or a marriage of one of your friends. However, if you feel like wishing them through a text or a call will serve the purpose, you deserve to lose them!

Don’t Ignore Nothing

Being a real good friend implies that you never ignore the tinniest sentiments for you from your friends. You should care for returning the favor or at least a call of thanks to make them realize that you really appreciate their gesture.

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The oldest Human Brain is found in The Most Incredible Archeological Finding! Tue, 17 Mar 2015 10:42:14 +0000 The Human brain is rated as the “most complex object in the universe”. Yet, it is one of the most fragile and sensitive organs of the human body. What we are going to tell you here is not about the wonders which can be done through the human brain; the world has seen a lot of them already. It is about a wonder happened to the brain itself!


Scientists have confirmed that a skull with an intact brain, found seven years ago by Archeologists in Heslington, York, is 2600 years old! This is, without any doubt, the most fascinating archeological finding in the recent history. Neuroscientists across the world still can’t believe how a human brain dating back from the Iron Age, can survive rotting for such a long time.

Experts are still sorting out the exact factors acting behind such an incredible natural preservation of a human organ. Initial studies found out that it was preserved due to oxygen less clay pit the skull was found in. Usually human bodies don’t take much time in their decomposition when they are buried.  But in this case, due to unavailability of oxygen for the bacteria to develop, this brain was able to survive for such a long time.

Initially, when a skull was found by an archeological team headed by Rachel Cubitt, It was thought that this was a normal skull. But later when the bones underwent cleaning process, and archeological team had had a closer look at it, they found a spongy material inside the skull. The project officer of the archeological trust then took the skull to the University of Bradford where specialists confirmed that the spongy material was composed of human brain tissue.

The scientists then studied the possible factors for the brain preservation, Scientists found no signs of burning or any other attempt to preserve it. “The hairs from the head were shaven off just after beheading the owner of this skull, and the state of the brain suggests no sign of decomposition. This may be because and it was buried right after the beheading without any delay.” said one of the experts.

Another expert talked about the theories scientists and experts had proposed as result of their studies. “From the available sample resources, nothing much can be said about the conditions or the circumstances in which the death of the owner of this skull occurred. Initially, there was a proposed theory that the head may be presented to someone as a gift, which was a prominent custom of that era. But it was ruled out because there were no signs of salting or burning to prevent it from smelling. The skull had to be burned immediately if the brain had to survive this long. The surrounding conditions though, in which the skull survived, were all natural”

The skull has been carbon tested and found to be 2600 years old. Experts are still busy in one of the most extensive examinations, in order to understand the factors behind the preservation of a brain for such a long time.

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Investment Secrets of Millionaires Revealed! Tue, 10 Mar 2015 06:03:30 +0000 There is a lot more common in millionaires than them just being college dropouts! According to Investopedia, there were six most commonly found traits among millionaires. They included different thinking, mastered skills, ability to take risks, passion and immaculate salesmanship.  Let’s talk about some investment secrets most of  the millionaires do have and which were revealed in a recent study done on  a group of more than 1000 investors by Bellomy Research for Fidelity Investments.


While millionaires are known for Independent and unique thinking, it was found out in the research that about 70% (two thirds) of the investors employed financial advisors. This meant that on financial decisions, millionaires tend to rely on the expert advice more than their own judgement. Moreover, the researchers observed the fact that nearly all (more than 90%) were confident that their financial decisions were precisely  coordinating with their long term plans and strategies.

The research statistics divided the Millionaires into four categories with respect to their assets available for investment  and  the retirement assets. The first group was of the emerging millionaires whose gross assets were $250,000. The second category was named mass affluent,   of whom, the gross investment and retirement assets were near $800,000. The third group was of millionaires who had more than  $2.5 million. The last group was of Deca- Millionaires who had $11.5 million as available assets for investment.

The research found out that  52% millionaires had domestic bond mutual funds, 54% domestic equity mutual funds, 39% had individual domestic bonds, 45% had international mutual funds, 35% had a domestic blended bond and equity mutual funds, 43% had real state investments. These real estate investments included the real state investment trusts while excluding primary residences of the millionaires. 34% had an equity exchange- traded funds, 44% millionaires had annuities, 33% had managed accounts, 20% had alternative investments like structured products, private equities and hedge funds, 56% had certificates of deposit or cash equivalents.


This blog post, with the help of a recent extensive research, reveals the most awaited investment secrets, common among most of the millionaires. The blog provides some well calculated facts and figures regarding the investments and financial strategies of some emerging, established and most successful millionaires.

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3 Important Reasons To Have A Marketing Automation Solution For Your Small Business Tue, 03 Mar 2015 05:20:21 +0000 savenkeep

Keyword: marketing automation
Something that small business owners do not realize is that there are varieties of marketing automation solutions available. You might have to try a number of solutions before you find the ideal solution for your small business.  Most Small business owners frequently avoid Marketing automation as they think it is too complicated, too expensive, or won’t essentially help them. Due to the fact that most marketing automation solutions offer a free trial, it is worth trying them out as there is no actual risk to testing them. The following are three important reasons why you need marketing automation for your small business:

1.      To personalize your Target to each and  every Customer
There is a very big impact on personalizing your messages. Providing messages that are specifically beleaguered to meet each contact’s unique needs will help you build loyalty and engagement. The reason why you need a marketing automation solution in your small business is that it enables you to personalize your campaigns and messages for each individual contact. In situations where you have many contacts, it would be difficult to do this kind of personalization by yourself, making it necessary to opt for a marketing automation solution. Marketing automation basically makes it possible and efficient. This will also increase your small business sales without increasing the workload.
2.      To Improve Your Conversion and Nurture Your Leads
The biggest challenges small business face nowadays is lead connection and rotating them into customers. In many situations, the many people visiting your website only few really interact with your web content and even less purchase anything. Marketing automation in small business helps decrease that gap.
When you finally set up the automated lead nurturing, you significantly increase the quantity of leads in response. Your automated marketing solution will track every lead and make a link with each lead that downloads or signs up.  Therefore, without a marketing automation solution, many leads can slip over because your staff simply does not have time to attach with them all.
3.      To enhance Your Campaigns Based on Real Data
Any worthy marketing automation solution offers a robust report. After every campaign, it is possible to unsubscribe data, A/B test results, view open rates, bounce data, and check the links clicked and many more benefits. Automated marketing also helps you to see the social media posts with the most interaction as well. Investigating this valued data allows you to improve your posts, messages and other communications based on real info from your clients.

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Two and a Half Men Series Entertainment News Tue, 24 Feb 2015 03:50:07 +0000 Two and a Half Men is probably one of the craziest shows that has been widely watched and it would be safe to say that the finale of the series lived up to the image it had maintained over the years. As far as the entertainment news of the week is concerned, the finale has definitely been in the spotlight. The finale episode “Dead” has equally been loved and criticized by the audience and critics alike.


The show has successfully managed to receive accolades to the years of the storyline, giving a recap of what has happened throughout the years, and most definitely focusing on the Charlie Sheen era; which was what kept the show going on, for so long. The episode starts by going back to the Charlie’s funeral scene (before Walden (Ashton Kutcher) enters the show), it is shown that Rose goes to her basement with the tray of food, serving to a person, wearing Charlie’s signature attire, revealing that Charlie has been alive all those years, and living in her basement.

At the same time, Alan receives a mail informing him that Charlie is entitled to $2.5 millions from the record company, which needs to be claimed and in order to do so Alan needs Charlie’s death certificate. Thus, up until this point, the makers of the show successfully managed to create a mystery whether Sheen will reappear or not. In all that chaos, Alan and Walden are informed that Charlie is alive and probably coming to kill them.

Upon hearing that, they seek the help of the police, who appears to be none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger; who goes on to point out every story development in the past years. In the meanwhile, Jake appears and claims that he has received some amount of the $2.5 million sent by Uncle Charlie to him, giving Alan and Walden more reason to be scared for their lives. In the end, Charlie does not really appear on the show; rather he is shown as being killed by a giant piano falling over him through a helicopter. The finale was all about what has happened on the show over the course of 12 seasons, which producer and creator Chuck Lorre managed to successfully embrace, thus making the finale to stand out.

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Master Programming Code in 3 Simple Steps Tue, 17 Feb 2015 11:12:26 +0000 Programming can be an intensely rewarding activity and a highly lucrative career option. There is no mistaking the fact that the joy of building something with your own hands is unexplainable. At the same time coding is a highly complicated process that burden your brain and makes sure that you use all your ingenuity to solve the problem you are presented with.

If you always wanted to be a programmer, there are numerous ways in which you could start this incredible adventure. Programming code is something that any of us can do. Find out the best approach to take when delving deeper into this field:
1. Know why you want to code
You should have your reasons sorted before you start a journey towards a goal. Why did you choose this goal and what are you expecting from it? You will need motivation when you hit obstacles, and that is also one of the easiest ways to not lose focus.
2. Pick the right language
There are more programming languages being used right now than even the most brilliant programmers could learn in a lifetime. You need to pick the language that will serve your purpose, and for this you need to know why you want to take up programming code. The good news is that once you get good at one language, mastering another takes far less time. Python, PHP and C are popular choices presently.
3. Start small
Remember, programming code is about building small things and bringing them together to create mammoth structures. The biggest of codes can be divided into smaller sections. Not only is this easier for you, it is also the preferred approach since it makes maintaining the code later easier. Not to mention that starting small makes it easier for you to get settled in and get your bearings right before you delve in deeper.

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Consolidation Of The American Airlines As Manifested By Amenity Kits Tue, 10 Feb 2015 22:50:11 +0000 We can easily imagine how the Airlines operators in America have become consolidated by the fact that 12 Airlines which once operated have become four. The American airline industry has seen many mergers over the years and the freshest one that comes to the mind is the merger of American and US Airways. The logos on the amenity kit provided by the passengers are testimony of the consolidation process that has been going on for a while now. The heritage kits reminisce the past as the logos imprinted on them reminds of airlines such as PSA, Allegheny, TWA,  Aircal and Reno air  to name a few. Commemorating the past through the amenity kits is a good idea and pays a tribute to their service to the people of America.


Some of the Airlines of the past whose logos have been used on the kits

Pacific southwest airlines: The airline, which is headquartered in San Diego was operational from 1949 to 1988 when it was taken over by US Airways. It was touted as the world’s friendliest airlines and the aircraft actually had a smile painted on the tip of the aircraft.

Piedmont: The services from Piedmont were started in the year 1961 but its business actually took off when Piedmont aviation purchased it and branded it Henson. In 1987, Henson was again bought by US Air which renamed the airlines to Piedmont in the year 1993 so as to protect the brand name.

Allegheny: It is one of the oldest airlines in the USA as it was started in 1939. Its name was All American Aviation company which was renamed as Allegheny in 1953. It used to operate from Pittsburgh before it became a national brand in the year 1979 and was renamed as USAir which is now US Airways.

AirCal:  The airline was started in the year 1967 as Air California and later renamed itself as AirCal in 1981. After 6 years, it was acquired by an American.

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