Savenkeep Blog Wed, 01 Jul 2015 07:12:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Solar Powered Plane still flying Tue, 30 Jun 2015 07:07:40 +0000 Starting from China this Solar Powered Plane has the target to travel the world with nothing but solar cells. The initial flight was delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions. However, the wait of the Swiss pilot is over and once again, the plane started off from Japan where the team waited for the favorite weather conditions. This time they will travel to Hawaii, the plane is traveling under the solo Swiss pilot and this journey is considerably dangerous as there very few to landing spots in the way. This is increasingly creating the interest of global audience, as the expected will end in Abu Dhabi from where it all started.


The importance of this journey is great mainly because this journey will ensure if the solar power can be used for commercial purposes or not. Scientist believe that solar energy is the most safe, environment friendly and clean energy that will be assuring the safeguard of the future generations. Solar Powered Plane has been equipped with numerous solar cells on its wings and other parts that collaboratively combine the energy to fly this solar plane without the need of conventional fuel at any point of the journey. The journey is turning to become historical indeed.

Clearly, this journey of the Solar Powered Plane is making history as a few hours before the plane just crossed the point of no return. To this fact, the solo pilot expressed his experience as fulfilling as it can be as he said that now it is time to explore. The point of having an energy source that can be unlimited, safe and clean energy we can indeed look forward to build a much better world. Since the level of pollution and harmful global warming is already creating issues in natural phenomenon of life. Perhaps it is not too late to save the planet from getting to manmade extinction process.

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Taylor Swift Takes On Apple Music Tue, 23 Jun 2015 07:40:36 +0000 Apple has recently announced that it will enter the music streaming business. For this purpose, the company created the Apple Music app that will deliver an “unparalleled” music experience to users. The Apple Music app is currently available on iTunes and the Apple faithful can enjoy the free trial period of the service. It is this trial period that has attracted the ire of one of Music industry’s biggest superstars – Taylor Swift.



Apple Music’s Trial Period

Although Taylor Swift was her polite self when she expressed her annoyance with Apple Music, the comments she made did garner a lot of unwanted attention for the newly launched music service. Ms. Swift has previously made her feelings known about various other online music streaming services and her comments have had an impact on the performance of the said services. Such is the influence of music industry’s resident princess.

So, why exactly did Taylor Swift decide to bring Apple Music into her crosshairs? The reason is that Apple decided to provide their users a free trial period for the new music app, and they also decided not to pay the artists, producers or songwriters, whose music is going to be features on the app. This riled up Swift and she made very public comments about the fact that a company, such as Apple, should not force artists to work for nothing, for 3 whole months.

If anyone else had said it, then the comments would not have received the type of attention that they did. But since it was Taylor Swift, Apple Music received some negative press that it doesn’t need, just when the service is about to be launched on a larger scale.

The ball is currently in Apple’s court, because unlike other people, Taylor Swift cannot be ignored for very long. It remains to be seen just how exactly the bigwigs at Apple handle this situation. Though it is safe to conclude that they will take an action soon enough.

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Get Informed About The top 10 World News Of The Week Tue, 16 Jun 2015 09:15:16 +0000 The world is in the constant change process of human ecology. Today, it gets as easy as it can be, to become the part of global communication and for that, being informed is the key. Learn about the top 10 World News in this blog.


1. The S&M are reducing the credit limits to the Greek economy. Yet, if there is not enough understanding between Greece and its creditors, Greece seemingly will have to be defaulted in the coming year.

2. The MIDDLE EAST RESPIRATORY SYNDROME has been able to effect and reduce the interest rate of South Korea. Asia’s fourth largest economy had to lower the rates more than ever before and the already slow exports are in dire need of some edge to compete with Korea and Japan.

3. Prison breaks from maximum-security prisons are always in the highlights. The recent escapees, who were charged for murder, escaped and the police had to block the complete stretch of the main road in upstate New York. It is believed that the Police have a confirmed lead and the prisoners will shortly be back where they should be.  

4. The Top 10 World News includes the corruption and expected fraudulent voting in the 2018 and 2022 FIFA world cups. FIFA has closed the world cup 2026 bidding and submitted all the records including the computer data to the Swiss Police for standard investigation.

5. US President Barack Obama sends the troops back to Iraq to help the government recapture the areas seized by the Islamic state.

6. The pool party incident where a Texas Police officer took out and pointed the gun towards the black teenagers accepted that he was stressed on attending too many suicides calls and felt that his doing was ethically wrong.

7. Poland’s parliamentary speaker and three other Polish ministers had to present resignations for the leaked recordings confirmed private deals and other unethical acts.

8. Chinese hackers have claimed to hack the US personnel management department and may have found the inside information about the people working for the US.

9. The 10-day UN Climate talks in Bonn, which will end on Thursday, have found a resolution that will decrease the global temperature by mere 2 degrees Celsius that can be directly effective to decrease the global warming.

10. In order to punish the helpers and the actual pedophiles of the Vatican, Pope Francis approved the creation of a Vatican tribunal. The long rumored and then proved child abuse will now finally be taken care of.

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5 Technology Myths Take a Turn Again! Tue, 09 Jun 2015 04:13:48 +0000 Future and modernization often confuse tech savvy people around the world. Gadget manufacturers have been able to develop multiple technologically advanced components of devices which has enabled them to provide way better utility then before. These advancements have also been able to force the technology myths to take a turn again.

1.      Over charging or no charging

The past mobile gadgets were believed to be negatively affected by overcharging. People often would time the battery charging intervals that created enough hectic routines. Almost all the new technology has been able to reserve this mechanism automatically now; shutting down when the charging reaches maximum level.

2.      Nonstandard chargers

There are different qualities of the third party chargers; the mediocre qualities that are by registered manufacturers can provide adequate performance without having any potential threat to you or your device’s health. However, the lower the quality greater the chances of damaged batteries and exploding phones. Still these low quality products are difficult to find and can be easily identified because of ridiculously low prices.

3.      Temperature effects

It is true that temperature affects the performance of the battery and its life as well. Still, the myth of not letting your gadget stay in the car or under direct sunlight is untrue. The temperature range is already mentioned on the device’s care instructions. Normally the temperatures are on very high levels which are rare in normal conditions. So no worries if you left your cell phone in the car, it will survive.

4.  Battery drain cycle

The technology myth of draining the battery completely, then recharging it has no effect on the daily usage. The real reason for this cycle was to freshen up the ions in the battery for better performance and should be done once or twice in the matter of six months. Huge difference it is, the modern technology however has no need for this cycle as mentioned by the manufacturers.

5. Shutting down the devices at night

Almost all the modern technology has energy saving features; it is true that today, when you keep your device idle, it won’t use more energy than required for the standby mode. It just goes down to your personal choice and having no effect on the device itself.



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How to Achieve Wellness at Home Tue, 02 Jun 2015 11:15:48 +0000 Home is where the heart is, this saying goes a long way back. The heart is the representation of feelings that are true and uplift the spirits of a person’s eternal being. Boredom, fatigue and pressure of chores at home can become a prison if these things are evident in the life. This creates the reason for the people to go out and find peace of mind, body and soul at retreats and wellness centers. However there are few things that can be taken into serious consideration for transforming all the basics and achieve Wellness at home.


Wellness at home can be easily achieved; some very simple ways may be performing yoga or perhaps meditation that can give relaxation to your brain. Just put on some soothing music. YouTube and sound cloud can provide amazing nature and Sufi tracks that are used specifically for relaxing the mind. Just give a specified time that you can spare and clear your mind with nothing but relaxation and think of all the good things that you can. Detoxify yourself, change your diet, start eating more green veggies and cut back on alcohol and unhealthy foods. Exercise daily; this can be simply a walk or jogging or one can hit the gym if suitable.

Create the mood of your home, change the lights or simply use yellow lights; this can help in reducing stress. Lighting candles is also a simple way to reduce stress. Wellness at home can also be attained by using different smells that are natural and mesmerizing. Perfumed candles can be perfect in this sense. Try to be in nature, if you have a backyard lawn, it can be perfect for meditation and yoga. Cutting back on excessive technology is a proven way to reduce your stress. Apart from the office work and other important tasks, cut back on technology completely. Cellphones and computers are the biggest examples of stress enhancing mediums.

One must keep a belief that eternal peace is inside one’s own self. Majority of the wellness centers follow the same steps mentioned above; why not create a center of Wellness at home? The short and economic ways can be vital for getting the best everyday life experiences. Numerous meditation gurus imply on attaining peace from the perspective of internal peace identification.

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Families Prepare to Welcome ‘Jibo’, the Family Robot, in 2016 Tue, 26 May 2015 05:44:31 +0000  Founder of Jibo, the family robot Dr. Cynthia Breazeal has announced the commercial availability of the cutest social robot by the early 2016. The prototype has passed the test phase and some samples are already put on display at various technology and financing platforms


The founder is confident that the added improvements will make the Jibo experience worth having. The overwhelming demand for this social robotic machine is promising in many different aspects and the expected funds generation will create room for impressive innovation in family robots in the future.

Jibo has the ability to wink, blink and rotate in different angles. It can locate and identify which family member is close to it. For the people who are still a bit confused on the seven hundred dollar family robot and the utility it can provide for the family that will one day own it, Jibo will be performing tasks like that of a virtual assistant. It can keep messages for the family members, take pictures when you might not be expecting and providing the intermediary for communication between long distance residing members of a family. Added features can play a song for your choice and keep your children enchanted with real life story telling experiences. Depending upon each family, this family robot will promisingly be a new member that will surely increase the fun factor at home.

Since the founder has already worked on many research robots, it is the first time that the masses will be introduced with the use of robotic technology as part of their daily lives. It is being highly speculated that Jibo’s entry as the family robot will create the massive change in the robotic industry. It will not be far to see the full size robot butlers making coffee for you just like any science fiction movie happening in your own home. The point of having a personal robot has certainly brought to the new levels, the application of technological advancement in human lives.

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Failure of Russian spaceship lengthens the stay of astronauts on International Space Station Tue, 19 May 2015 12:16:13 +0000 Terry Virts NASA astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti from European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut and Anton Shkaplerov the Russian cosmonaut, these are the three companions that are staying in the International Space Station just outside the Earth. Originally according to the deep space oriented research centers had planned to call back the three companions back home however seemingly they would need to stay in the outer space for a few more weeks.


Everything seemed on plan; the Russian resupplies ship was on route to the ISS when something went wrong and the deep space traveling ship came burning down and fell in the Pacific Ocean last month. Initially the reason was unknown and many assumptions were taking place along the space agencies. NASA and ESA have been trying to discuss the matter with Russian Space Agency Roscosmos. It is believed that the real picture will be presented later this month for detailed reasons of the supply ship failure.

The companions however are safe meanwhile in their current residence just outside the Earth. NASA and ESA are both complying on the safe living of these three astronauts till the fall of 2015. In deeper details the agencies have mentioned that every type of medication and resources are filled in the space station and there will be no trouble for the three to live there for another few weeks.

Meanwhile the strongest and compelling arguments are revealing that the supply ship propellers were not functioning properly. This has led the NASA, ESA and Roscosmos to delay the next crew for the ISS from May to early July. So that actual reasons of the failure could be identified and safe human travel could be justified again.

The spirits of the three astronauts however are still lively and people on earth are strongly wishing for their safe journey back home.

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Digital Transformation A Necessity Rather Than Quality Tue, 12 May 2015 14:19:52 +0000 The world market has become aligned on a single spectrum of services and products globally. The concept of distance, availability and options has been reduced to simple clicks of your hand held machines. The new age concept of digital transformation has become the necessity of business in every dimension that can be thought off. However, the concept is yet easy to understand but very complex to administer. This is where the following points can be taken into consideration when it comes to upgrading the system to complete entirety.


Leading the right way

The term quarterback of the American football is very much applicable here, reason is mainly that the quarterback is the person who has the whole strategy in his head and he calls out all the shots for the winning run. The same concept is applied here the detailed plan for achieving the digital transformation for any company or business must be centralized in command and teamwork should be practiced to observe the whole plan.

Specialized leader

In order to select the quarterback, the organization must keep into consideration that the certain individual must have detailed knowledge of the organization’s future plans and all the aspects on which the organization stands on. In short the change specialist must have detailed knowledge of the overall strategic plans.

Strategic decision making

Since the organization is already having the strategic plans and the long term goals are already set. The transformation specialist must be able to make the decisions on the importance of strategic implementation than just one time execution saving time for the future transformation correspondence to minimum.

Awareness spread and constant improvement

Once the transformation is applied it’s very important to communicate the whole team that on which the whole company is comprised of. This small yet very acute detail will minimize the mistakes and time usage to achieve the required results.

Keeping a keen eye on perspectives

It is also very important to understand that this process cannot be done overnight, in fact it is the slow and steady change of all the operational, tactical and strategic framework of a given organization. It is true that the smaller the organization faster the transformation will be.

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7 Simple and Smart Spending Tips Tue, 05 May 2015 11:00:08 +0000 There are simple ways that provide almost unrealistic savings. Avoiding spur of the moment purchases can be a specified way, while not ignoring the fact that there are many interesting buys through this process. Still, there are ways that can keep your wallets weight for a few months extra compared to your regular spending tips.


  1. Buy in bulk; there are things, which are a usual necessity, may be for an individual or for the whole family. This can be directly implemented to get discounts by shopping from the super store sales. This spending tip will save you from going to the retailers that might skim some extra amount on your single purchases.
  2. Shopping on Sunday, almost majority of the super stores offer exclusive discounts and offers on the weekends. In addition, many coupons are available that offer the added discount. Sundays can be specifically targeted to get the double discounts and all that on your free day.
  3. Online purchasing can provide the best rates of a certain object that can be further improved by comparing and availing timely offers. Apart from that, if you are interested in a particular item, put it in your cart and wait to get a better price from the seller.
  4. Using technology like a laptop or your smartphone can keep you updated on the price fall for any of favorite product. This can allow you to gain the best market price and allows getting the benefits of getting online and trying out the best spending tips.
  5. Season changes can bring unexpected discounts, as there are many companies that introduce the new products one can easily get the older ones on much lower rates. Cell phones, refrigerators are good examples for these purchases.
  6. Keep looking for coupons; there is no doubt that one can get hefty amount off by using coupons for your required products. So finding some discount coupons online or from the shopping malls is indeed a good idea.
  7. Exchange your outdated equipment with the new one. This way, some amount can be adjusted in your new buy.

These are the cool and smart spending tips that greatly differentiate the spending power at the end of the year. The minimal discounts can add up to make hundreds of dollars as your savings with no effort at all.

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Looking Into the Web Design from the Third Dimension Tue, 28 Apr 2015 10:03:33 +0000 Responsive web design is something most of us consider the most recent advancement in the world of web designs, but what if I tell you that your information is little outdated! The screen size of mobile phones is in fact the most recent factor that plays a major role in deciding the web design.



Bigger screens mean a lot of dead space

Big names such as Facebook and Microsoft had identified the problem well before the others. They adjusted their web designs to overcome the issue of dead space that tends to increase as the screen size increases. Facebook moved the most commonly used features such as newsfeed, notifications, messages and the main navigation button along the bottom of the screen. Microsoft also made needed adjustments and relocated the browser controls to the bottom of the screen.

Good responsive web design is much more than the traditional approach. It is about designing a website so as to make it capable of adjusting itself according to the screen size of the device it is accessed through. They must not put any highly used feature along the corners of the screen where it is very hard for the users to access it or in the stretch zone that is also not easy to access.  

How to overcome the problem and provide better user experience

  • The best way is to place highly used features like “navigation’’ and “call” at easy-to-access points. Utilize the top left and the bottom right corners for logo and the shopping cart buttons that are occasionally used.
  • Input labels are usually added within the fields to increase the above-the-fold content. A better idea is to use inline fields on simple forms like username input. As long as in-depth checkout fields are concerned, use above-the-input labels to allow users to add detail.
  • Use JavaScript libraries like Modernizr instead of declarations, which do not save any time. Modernizr works to tailor the website to the user’s needs.
  • Display only what the user needs and don’t waste the user’s time in unnecessary jargon. It is better to keep the shopping cart separate from the website design. It will minimize the time needed to load the cart and the website. Cut down on the ads and other unnecessary links, which work as distractions.
  • Work around the numbers; web analytics for desktop users as well as smart phone users. Identify patterns and devise results. Test website designs if possible and try to locate even the smallest of changes.


While these giant sized screens have pushed us to look into the responsive web design from another dimension, we are certainly keeping up with it. As a matter of fact, it is not optional rather, a MUST because the April update of Google will rank mobile friendly sites higher in search engine results when are accessed through mobile devices. 


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