Savenkeep Blog Thu, 21 Aug 2014 06:24:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The 5 best photographers on Instagram that you need to follow today Thu, 21 Aug 2014 06:15:47 +0000 Instagram is incredibly popular and is one of the most popular photo sharing platforms in the world today. Originally launched as an iPhone only photo community, the service is now available for all the popular smartphones, and has millions of daily users. People from all walks of life join Instagram and share all that is happening around them. These everyday common folks often share mind bogglingly incredible photos which may sometimes put professional photographers to shame. However, it is not just the average users with their unique perspectives that make Instagram an amazing place, and there are several world renowned photographers as well that actively use Instagram and continue to remind us that there is a reason they are lauded and celebrated across the world.

If you are on Instagram and looking to spice up your image feed with beautiful and professionally shot photos, here are the five photographers that you simply must follow:

  1. Ellen Von Unwerth: If pop culture fascinates you and you want to see behind the scenes photographs of fashion icons, Von Unwerth’s account is definitely worth a follow.
  2. Ira Block: Been planning to go travelling all over the world, but simply not getting the opportunity. Follow Ira Block on Instagram to catch up with the famous National Geographic photographer as he visits every corner of the world and shares the best photos with you.
  3. Nick Knight: The visually creative and acclaimed photographer Knight has an amazing Instagram feed that elates you, enchants you and is thoroughly enjoyable.
  4. Pete Souza: The chief official photographer for the White House and President Obama himself, Souza offers you a peek into the world of high politics, and gives you a view of the most powerful man in the world that you will never see elsewhere.
  5. Jonathan Mannion: Specializing in the hip hop, Mannion has worked with some of the biggest names in the hip hop world, and has even shot the album work for Jay Z.
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Episode 6 of Extant reminds us that We Love Heroes Mon, 18 Aug 2014 08:16:12 +0000 Molly has been intriguing us since the start of the show, and we have known all along her beloved baby is not as normal as she would like him to be. He is capable of doing terrible things and a very real danger to everyone on the show.


During the Nightmares episode Extant, we have already seen just how dangerous Molly’s boy can be, when he compels and tricks a researcher at the International Space Exploration Agency to kill his own colleague, and free him, while he was still a fetus and tucked away in a jar. From what the compelled researcher later reveals, I am convinced that the boy can cause hallucinations that can even take the shape of a person, in order to get people to do his bidding, a female colleague called Sarah, in the case of the researcher.

Alan Sparks, ISEA Director, upon finding out about the killings from the researcher, orders that all video footage of the chilling murder be wiped clean. Gordon Kern, the deputy director of ISEA, who receives this order from Alan, protests vehemently, warning of dire events in the future that are certain to take place if the boy is allowed to grow. It is also highly likely, given the space research background of the show, that the boy is merely a vessel to someone, or something, far more sinister, most likely an extraterrestrial being that has chosen to remain hidden for the time being.

Alan, it seems, is not only aware of how quickly the power of the boy is growing, but also knows just how much damage he can cause with his powers. We also get to see the voyage of Aruna, the second ISEA ship, and get a glimpse of Katie Sparks, Alan’s dead daughter, as an adult.

Harmon possibly gets killed near the end of the show, and Ethan surpasses his father when he decrypt the flight records from Aruna, when his father couldn’t.

All in all, We Love Heroes was fast paced and a captivating watch Extant.

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Facebook advertising: Is it worth it? Thu, 14 Aug 2014 13:07:53 +0000 Facebook has turned 10 years old and anyone who uses it has noticed the increase in ads over the last few months. It is obvious to anyone watching it that Facebook advertising is getting more competitive and more persistent.


Although there are many reasons for that, the most important is probably the amount of information a marketer can target. Where TV and radio advertisements is aimed at generic watchers or listeners, Facebook can target a demographic as specific as you need. By targeting specific groups, your advertising is more effective and you can even weed out unwanted characteristics as you go along.

Facebook advertising is also less expensive than traditional advertising. For as little as $1 per day, you can get verifiable marketing results. This Return on Investment (ROI) is considerably higher than almost any other kind of advertising you can imagine, and anyone can do it.

No matter what size your business is, you can use Facebook to target an audience that is already predisposed to see what you are offering. There are multiple strategies that you can use to market to your business, but one of the most effective ones is Custom Audience Targeting. With this type of targeting, you use any pre-existing customer base to market to your customers. If you already have a mailing list, you can transfer it to Facebook and those customers will get ads in their Newsfeed. Reminding them of your business.

The price of advertising on Facebook will probably be increasing. At this point, it is remarkably underpriced for the ROI it generates. Jumping on this bandwagon, before the rates go up, is a wise marketing strategy.

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Yahoo enabling the Email Encryption for all the users from 2015 Mon, 11 Aug 2014 07:49:25 +0000 Internet surveillance revelations are spreading wider these days. Technologists from the entire world are using several methods to encrypt the emails to counter the spy agencies including other hackers and NSA.


Technologists are solely on a single word Encrypt all the things. Google had already made it easy for the users to encrypt the email and now Yahoo is going to do it from 2015.

The company CEO Mr. Alex Stamos announced that the users will be enable to encrypt the end to end email with a usable option through a plugin next year. Yahoo is bit late, as the Google has announced it two months before through chrome extension plugin to encrypt the emails.

Yahoo is also using the same bootstrap of the Google by changing the code and both the services are user compatible. The people who are enabled with the plugins can send each other emails which can be content broken, unreadable to anybody except the sender and the receiver.

Instead using PGP (pretty good privacy) software, we can enable the encrypt option, but it very difficult and limited to only experts. Yahoo and Google are making it easy for all the users.

Before the Snow den revelations, the hackers and technologists around the world have used some encryption tools for chats, calls and text messages like Cryptocat and Text Secure. By using these tools, sometimes it may leads to complete deletion of email account.

Yahoo has given it best for the encryption and it will be the added advantage for experts and very helpful for the average users.

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Data confirms the growing influence of social media Thu, 07 Aug 2014 02:44:29 +0000 A study, published in 2013, studied the behavior of students who used the social media as a research tool when deciding upon the higher education institutes to enroll into, found that they trusted the data gleaned from these researches over what they learned from regular websites and search engine results. The report goes on to say that social media has a high degree of influence when it comes to the sector of higher education, and based on the study, a number of educational institutes went on to create more approachable social media profiles and have incorporated several programs that use social media to connect with potential clients in a better way.

A point that may have been lost during this study is that the study may have studied the education sector exclusively, but the preferences are borne out of the people who use it, and can be applied to other areas as well. A huge reason why students trust social media is because they have been using social media services since as long as they can remember. Familiarity with a platform or service goes a long way in ensuring that users will be more dedicated. It’s not just colleges that someone will research online, people search for shoes and music players and international holiday trips online as well.

Social media is more than a way to connect with friends and people that you know. It is also a powerful marketing tool and people can be greatly influenced to try out a new product if everyone they know is using it. Businesses usually do not invest in social media so much because growth in social media is slow, and most companies prefer the faster results offered by PPC and affiliate marketing. The companies that stuck out, like Slate and Buzz feed, now see more traffic from social media referral than what organic search engine results generate, and that is the real power of social media.


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Typo 2 may not be different enough to please Blackberry Sat, 02 Aug 2014 10:08:45 +0000 Typo 2, the newest add-on keyboard designed for the iPhone, may be an attempt by Typo to avoid the copyright infringement brushes that their previous product had with the law, but only time will tell if Blackberry is ready to spare the newly redesigned keyboard the same litigatory treatment.


The first typo tried to solve the typing efficiency problem that many touch phone toting users had with the iPhones, and Typo, which is cofounded by Ryan Seacrest, the famous TV star, announced a solution in the form of a keyboard accessory that offers faster typing and the joy of using a physical keyboard. Typo may have gotten a little carried away in their enthusiasm to offer a product that everyone seemed to want, and introduced an attachable keypad that had several design similarities with the patent Blackberry keypad.

The new version of the product now offers several features that were missing in the last iteration. Backlighting, and a lock key that ensures that the user does not send out a slew of messages, or initiate unwanted actions are highly welcome. Typo has also changed the key layout in the Typo 2, and there are two distinct changes that are immediately discernible. The shift key on the Typo 2 has gone down a level and a few other keys have bee moved around as well. The design of these keys has also been altered, and the fonts have been changed by the company as well.

It still remains to be seen whether Blackberry will let go of their claim, and allow the Typo 2 to be sold. However, chances are a lot higher that Blackberry will also file charges and entangle the new product in the already existing case as well.

There is still no word from Blackberry regarding the Typo 2 announcement.

The Typo 2 meanwhile, is up for pre-order, and you can book it for $99.

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Obama continues his criticism of tax inversions Thu, 31 Jul 2014 18:02:54 +0000 As a part of his ongoing criticism of the US firms that move their headquarters to a different nation in order to avoid paying a number of taxes levied by the US government, President Obama said that  these companies were gaming the system, and that the tax saving tactics being employed by these companies were unfair. These comments have only served to intensify the criticism that a number of US firms have been facing in the past few weeks.

Obama said that while the practices were legal, such practices took advantage of tax provisions and were unpatriotic. There has been a slew of companies moving their headquarters to low tax countries such as the Bermuda or Ireland, and thus shirking of their responsibilities as American businesses that should work to strengthen the US economy.

A total of 47 companies has reincorporated outside the S in the past 10 years, and as per the research done by the Congressional Research Service, 12 more companies are researching possible shift soon.

Congressional Democrats have been taking part in multiple discussions over the steps that need to be taken to curb such practices, and bolstered by the White House coming out so openly in their opposition to such practices, options are being considered, both permanent and temporary, that will make it make it a lot more difficult for companies to shift their headquarters than it presently is. Legal hurdles will be placed in the paths of reincorporation, and the move is projected to bring in well over $19.5 billion to the US treasury in the next decade if these new laws are put in place.

The companies that are currently weighing their options in regards to reincorporation include Medtronics and Walgreens, the pharmaceutical behemoths in the country.

Republican leaders, however, believe that such hurdles are unnecessary, and the government should be seeking tax reforms instead, which will reduce the top tax rate on business from its current 35%.


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Take Back The City – Gotham promo urges fans Mon, 28 Jul 2014 17:29:44 +0000 The Gotham Chronicles hits hard on the Gotham Police in the newest trailer to have hit the internet. The fictional newspapers from the world of the Dark Knight calls upon the citizens of the Gotham city to shun the police, who have failed to protect the city against crime and violence year after year, and look towards the Gotham Chronicle for justice instead.

The world’s greatest city, Gotham, is going to be the focus of the new show on FOX TV, where the brand new show, simple titled Gotham, will be making its debut in September.

This special preview has been created for the upcoming Comic Con convention in San Diego this weekend where thousands of comics fan will gather. The channel has partnered up with Uber to offer a special treat to its fans. Uber cars have been modified to resemble Gotham City  Police Department vehicles and the preview will be shown to comic lovers through the screens installed in these cars.

The role of the iconic Detective Gordon is being played by Ben McKenzie. The show follows the exploits of a young Gordon as he battles against the many criminals in the city and faces off against a few familiar faces in the Gotham universe, such as Catwoman, played by the young Camren Bicondova, the Riddler, played by Cory Michael Smith, as well as the Penguin, played by Robin Lord Taylor.

The world of Batman has been brought to the small screen many times before, sometimes through animated series, and at other times through the more traditional TV format. 2014 will see Batman make an appearance on TV through this new show that FOX TV has announced. The show will no doubt attract many avid viewers as the fans of the world’s greatest detective line up to see whether Gotham lives up to the standards set by Nolan through his now iconic movie trilogy.

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Get ready for the internet of things in parks around you Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:09:47 +0000 In the near future everything will be interconnected to each other from espresso machines to city transit systems. Due to the arrival of the internet, like the computer, every dumb object like heaters, dishwaters and doors etc. will be online. Technology will ease everything, with the advent of GPS, you will be able to coordinate the traffic patterns on your phone and stay away from the congestion. Houses will also be automated, fridges will inform you when you are out of milk and the thermostat will respond to your command.

It is predicted by Cisco that by the year 2020, more than 50 billion things will be connected to the internet. Whatever may be the situation in 2020, things in 2014 are much slower, most of the people still don’t know properly about the internet, they cannot even describe it properly. A branch of MIT’s media lab released the Soofa recently, which is connected to the solar-powered bench and can be used to charge any USB-connected device such as Android tablets, iPhone, Kindles and many more. Its ability to charge your phone is just a little, Soofa promises much more.

The Soofa is not only about charging your phones, every power bench connected wirelessly to the internet uploads the environmental data such as air quality and noise levels directly to the website of the Soofa. The backbone of the smart city is the capability of gathering the environmental date and converting it into useful information. Sandra Ritcher, the co-founder of the Soofa is thinking to take this concept seriously not just in Boston, but in fact taking it way further than that. For the success of the Soofa, its initial stage is very critical as it is all about discovering what people desire from these devices. Soofa has been appreciated by some of the big giants of the industry such as MIT, Cisco and Verizon. Conversion of the smart city concept to reality needs vast infrastructure changes, which is still very enormous.

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A ground shaking explosion and a demolished hospital – Just another day in Gaza Mon, 21 Jul 2014 07:06:00 +0000 It is not uncommon to sleep fitfully when you are in Gaza, surrounded by the sounds of occasional explosions, and waking up to entire building gone, that stood just a day prior. The newest establishment to fall victim to the relentless barrage of missiles and rockets from Israel this week was the Al-Wafa Hospital.

Even the night prior to the decimation of this hospital, an F-16 razed to ground an apartment very close to where I was holed up, trying to sleep, while keep waking up to loud sounds of buildings being destroyed by the bombardment.

The streets of Gaza are mostly empty, be it night or day. Human activity has come to a virtual standstill, and one can easily discern the sound of Israeli drones hovering up in the air.

Ali Hasan, a senior nurse at the Al-Wafa Hospital talked about the multiple fires that the hospital took, and the evacuation of patients in the dead of the night, covered in blankets, while the hospital was still being fired at. The patients have been taken to another clinic, situated in the center of Gaza city, leaving behind the smouldering ruin that was a fully fledged hospital just 2 days ago. Al-Wafa was the only medical institution in Gaza that offered specialist rehabilitation services, and Ali Hasan suspects that a lot of lives will be lost in the wake of this bombing.

The bombing of Al-Wafa was hailed as a crime against humanity by the director of the hospital. All the employees have returned to work, because horrific as it may be, this has become a regular occurrence in Gaza, and has come to be accepted as normal. Another apartment block was demolished the same day, its residents being given a warning call by the Israeli ministry to evacuate the complex, shortly after which, it was blown away by an F-16 fighter jet.

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