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WWDC 2012, Siri

At the WWDC 2012, siri gained a lot of popularity as Apple announced all it future plans for this application. With the growing number of sights on the web and the wide spread of information, people are finding this application both easy to use and practical. Its use as a search engine continues to grow as Apple implements research and the development into their different devices.

Increasing in popularity

Siri is becoming an increasingly admired application, especially since it is now able to use, not only on an iPhone but also with an iPad. The use of voice recognition software makes it very easy to operate and its ability to interact and respond to its user makes it a lot of fun too. The application is very convenient and through asking it questions, it allows you to get organize, find information and get tasks done. It is almost like a personal friend that will do all the hard work for you when you need to find information, as well as remind you of important tasks that you need to remember. Apple is also working toward it becoming interactional in the use as an application in cares. This will allow the driver far more freedom and access to important information, access to maps, traffic reports as well as weather reports. All this will be available through the use of button on the steering wheel and voice recognition.


Siri is becoming a very important search application and is likely to overtake its competitors to becoming a full on search engine in the future. Though its use, the research for any information has become fast and easy and it is particularly popular when it comes to entertainment information. You can research the latest movies, find information on your favorite actors and even watch previews, trailers and read reviews of different films. It is also practical for sport fans as it is easy to ask for the latest scores, player statistics, as well as information and the comparison between different players and events. It also researches and provides you with information based on your location. This is particularly useful if you want to find information on restaurants in your area, as well as menu information and reviews.


Apple remains very competitive. This is good for its consumers and it continues to improve its applications and provide its customers with new and innovative applications that are easy to use. At the WWDC 2012, Siri gained a lot of exposure and a very positive view for its future applications and growth.


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