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Top Tweets about Euro Cup 2012

The Euro Cup 2012 finals match creating Twitter frenzy and generated about 15, 000 Tweets per second during the match. Spain’s exciting victory of Italy created over 16 million Tweets across the globe throughout the game which broke the current sports-event related record on Twitter.

Many fanatics and athletes across the globe represented for their favorite teams like never before that night and proved to the world just how influential fans can be. . As social media usage continues to skyrocket, so does the amount of fan that turn to social networking to engage with friends throughout sporting events. This has lead to more records such as the amount of “tweets per second” and other similar records being set.

The Euro Cup 2012 Finals was broadcasted by many writers, sportscasters, coaches, fans, players online in a unique way that made those who had access to Twitter feel like they were watching the game themselves. Listed below are a few of the top tweets about Euro Cup 2012 from some very loyal fans. Tech News ‏@ForbesTech

“Who Won Twitter During The Euro Cup?”

Administrators of this twitter profile show just how interactive fans were on Twitter in a very amusing way. This tweet goes to show that more people are turning towards social media outlets to show their loyalty to teams and express how they were feeling about the outcome. After breaking Twitter records for the most tweets per hour for any sports event, Euro Cup 2012 changed the world.

Operation 7 ‏@Operation7eu

Looks like Germany had a bad day – Spain won 16:4 and reached the Euro Cup Final 2012 And what should we say?..

This tweet displays the confidence that some fans had leading up to the finals and their expectations.

B…that’s me ‏@theb2xpress

Wimbledon, Euro Cup and the 2012 Olympics…  year for sports in Europe

This tweet of @theb2xpress is a prime example of the attitude of most Europeans during this event and shows how excited most were about the Euro Cup Finals.

stilez ‏@stilez

#Stats: The EuroCup 2012 final generated more tweets than any other sporting event before it.

This tweet by @stilez is just a reminder of the main purpose of this article. Tweets like this are prime examples of how popular twitter has become and how loyal that sports fans can be. These record breaking top tweets are bound to make Euro Cup 2012 one of the most talked about soccer championships in history.

Social media continues to become a daily part of all of our lives and a great way to keep up with live events. This year’s Euro Cup is only small example of how social media can impact lives all across the globe.


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