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Social Media Is the Message for Olympics

As the Olympics draws near, more will be expected to be logging on to their computers than going to the Olympics, unless certain action must be done to avoid it.  This massive trend is observed by many today the power of social media increases day by day. Since its inception, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube has grown immensely. As of today, there are almost 900 million Facebook users worldwide, a population next to India. These huge number of people connected through the internet are more likely to log on to their accounts and hope for videos or post coming from the Olympic games in London, which could really happen.

With the immense power of the internet, it is likely that people with Iphones, Ipads and other hand-held devises will be able to record and post immediately as it happens the latest events in the said event. This seemingly huge problem is addressed by the Local Olympic committee by issuing restrictions to marketing agents, Athletes and Spectators to post comments or tweets with Olympic based keywords such as “gold” and “Twenty-twelve”. Athletes and every spectator going to the event are not allowed to upload videos of the event and even post blogs that seemingly “report” the events proceedings. Such restrictions are imposed to protect Olympic sponsors and the Olympic Games itself.

The Olympic committee warns every athlete to adhere to the said regulations or risk the penalty of being sent home. It is a critical stage for social media users as tension mount on the upcoming Olympic Games this month.

These restrictions are seemingly hard to enforce, especially that all 900 million people are scattered all over the world. And it is impractical to ban everyone from using their cellphones to video an event. This will undoubtedly be a first in Olympic history. As after this event, the world of social media will be changed forever.

As the internet becomes more important to human existence and its massive influence become greater every day, many are asking if certain rules and regulations must be enforced, especially in social media sites where the population exceeds most countries. The London Olympics will be the starting point on how should social sites is treated. But, as the Olympics are closing in, Social media will be one of the most used media by millions of its users to view and get updates on this monumental event of mankind.


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