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Three Ways to Save Web Content for Later With One Quick Click

Are you busy, working several hours each day at your computer?  Does that work involve writing for websites or blogs that must be updated at least weekly?  Perhaps you found the perfect source for your next website article.  Do you find keeping track of your perfect sources in online bookmarks like those little drop-down lists nearly impossible?  If you answered yes to any of these, perhaps you need a new way to save those online bookmarks so that you can find them again for your articles.

Whatever your need may be, it appears that the drop-down list-type online bookmarks no longer satisfy it.  Therefore, now may be a good time to start using other ways to preserve and organize important things that you may come across during your workday.  Here are some applications that might help you.


There are two versions of Evernote: one free basic version and one premium version that requires a yearly subscription of $45.00 per year – a bargain when compared to the productivity gained by the frequent user.  However, the average business user should only need the free version.  With it, you can save all types of notes, even handwritten ones, thanks to OCR.  Finally, Evernote can run on all platforms and all mobile devices, so you can access your online bookmarks everywhere you go.


Pocket lets you save web pages for later, offline reading of your online bookmarks.  Whenever you see an article or web page that you’d like to read, but you don’t have the time, just save it to Pocket’s online bookmarks, and you can read it whenever you have spare time – online or offline.  Pocket is even quicker than Evernote in that you don’t have to make a folder before you save your online bookmarks.

Finally, this last application alerts you to each of your new online bookmarks in your e-mail, right before your eyes, so you are even less likely to forget them than with the other two applications.


Toread, pronounced “to read,” is free.  It sends your current web page online bookmarks to your e-mail inbox, which is great for those of us, for whom our inboxes double as our to-read lists.  How does this help more than Pocket or Evernote do?

If you keep your e-mail inbox open constantly, as this writer does, you know the instant that a new letter comes up, the sender and the subject of the letter.  When Toread sends you your online bookmarks, you will be able to access them immediately or whenever you want to read them quickly and easily.


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