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The Facebook-Bing connection

The internet revolves on the access and sharing of information about anything. It is the main function of the internet and the main reason of its continued existence. The internet continues to improve and more and more innovations are being made to further improve the distribution of information. This will result in internet as an extremely indispensable tool for many people.

Now in the internet, one of the most used methods of extracting information from it is through search engines. This has been one of the main ways of surfing the internet. Search engines made the internet more user friendly to billions of people. Search engines such as Yahoo, Google and now Microsoft’s Bing. Though seemingly not as prominent yet as the two big contenders, some say that Bing will come into full bloom in a short while. Especially with its features being presented by Microsoft, it is intended not to top the competition, but to provide a good alternative which might give better results.

Bing can provide a good alternative because of the unique style Microsoft incorporated in it. You need to go and experience yourself to understand what kind of a search engine Microsoft’s Bing is.

Yahoo is an all time favorite by billions of users worldwide. It has been an old mainstay in the internet and is the model for many small search engines today. Yahoo first made the internet accessible to people and made it more easy to use. Google on the other hand added innovations from Yahoo’s success. Google made the courageous move to step forward and crossing boundaries.

Google not only focused on it being a good search engine, but it also made the whole experience interactive. With Google+ and all of its social media style add-ons, The Google search engine today, does not only rely on computer tech to find websites, people comments and suggestion is not put into consideration to give you a much more better result.

Microsoft’s Bing is in a way a later comer, but has an advantage because it is capable of incorporating all of the successful innovations of Yahoo and Google to create a super search engine that can be a good alternative for people.

But lately, rumors have been circulating that Bing, which is said to be one of the core assets of Microsoft is going to sell it to Facebook, which is currently the world famous social media site. This is due to some say, pressures that is happening to the Company, though no clear statement has been issued by Microsoft by this impending sale.  At the moment it seems to be just a rumor because Microsoft has been incorporating the Bing search engine to many of its main products.


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