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Festival Finds Room For Social Media

The Festival of Media Global 2012 recently took place in Montreux in Switzerland where, quite rightly, the wonderful world of media was celebrated and awards made to the best and the brightest in each media field.  It is a very good excuse for industry leaders to pat each other on the back for the tremendous advances that are being made in media and consequently it was only right that social media should be represented and recognized for the world changing innovation that it is.  Of course it wasn’t so much an award for social media itself, but an award for the best use of social media.

This recognition goes a long way towards recognizing the strength of social media when applied to advertising campaigns.

Why Is Social Media So Popular With Advertisers?

To be most effective, advertising needs to be seen by as many people as possible and enough times to drive the message home.  That is what makes social media such a very good vehicle for advertisers.  Social media is everywhere and social media users are always updating their statuses and sending messages and posting pictures to their family and friends.  This is then picked up by the family and friends of the family and friends and the whole thing snowballs, exposing advertisements to a great many people in a short space of time.  Overall it is a lot more cost effective than other media that would generate a similar amount of exposure.

Should There Be Awards Specifically For Social Media?

To be honest there seem to be awards for everything these days so I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there is a Social Media Festival somewhere on the planet.  Social media would certainly win an award from me because of the way it has brought the world together.  It can enable families to keep in touch even though they are continents apart.  It allows us to connect with people from all corners of the globe with similar interests – even though it is impossible for a globe to have corners!  It makes the ordinary become extraordinary by allowing us to share those precious moments in time with distant friends and family.  Social media has become the community of the world and as such it will be a be a blessing to both users and advertisers alike.


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