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Yelp: The social media contender

We have all heard of many famous social media sites in the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and many more. All of these sites boasts communities of millions of users and has basked in the limelight of fame and fortune. But overshadowed by the flare of these giants in social media companies, is a social media site which is not that famous, but has awesome features than can rival the social networking giants of today. It is and it is the rising social media contender of today.

Yelp is a social networking site that boasts to receive more than 50 million visitors each month. Its main attraction is its vibrant community, its selection of useful applications and its main menu, its local search, which really help anyone find the best places for fun and relaxation anywhere in the world. Yelp has a huge listing of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and many more entertainment venues almost anywhere in the world. They have their addresses, contact information and even a map to show you where to go. This has attracted millions of unique visits every month and is growing.

The local search is the main attraction of Yelp, it gives the visitor the tools needed to find a business establishment, find its address and its ratings through a five point system. “yelpers” the term used for any yelp user which is  acknowledge by yelpers also are encouraged to make reviews for business listings through various reward, ranking and reputation system.

The review system of Yelp has been questioned by many as being lenient to bad reviews. This made it easy for competitors to exchange anonymous bad reviews easily. Though many trust Yelp on providing them reviews for business establishments, the lenient approach to reviews can lead to review warfare.

On the first quarter of 2012, Yelp Stock has risen almost 16 percent, which shows the rising social networking company in action. This boom will definitely add to the prestige of Yelp , which in time, if the current progress is maintained, will definitely catch up with Facebook and Twitter.


Social media sites will always be influential in our daily lives, especially in an age of immense internet usage. People from all walks of life will at some point; depend on the power of social networking sites to get connected with the world.


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