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NY Times unveils new Social Media Ad program

The internet has changed how the world works and it has been one of the most important necessities in today’s modern life. How the internet made communications with people worldwide easy, is one of the factors why it became a mainstay for people everywhere. Especially when social media sites came into the scene, the internet forever changed. In an instant, hundreds of millions of people are suddenly connected through websites like Facebook and Twitter.a

Because of the fast paced information distribution in these social media sites, news agencies such as the New York Times made steps to catch up. They have said that one of the main reasons why people view their website content is through comments and stories shared by people in social media sites.

Because of this, Times co. has unveiled a Social Media Ad program that will regulate the sharing of their website content through social media. This program will help Times co. to control their advertisement campaign. The Social Media Ad program which was released by the said company is SAP, and will distribute NY time’s content to thousands of followers in Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Along with this new Social media ad program is adding rules and regulation for distributing content found in their website. Another thing that is included in this new program is that it prohibits negative and defamatory articles about other items or content.

Social media is gaining power because of its interactivity which many websites lack. The power of getting immediate response from millions of people is what makes it that special and many are now realizing its immense potential.

NY Times representatives say that no longer are ads say buy our products but come to our site and have a great experience. This comment given by NY times shows that to be successful online, one must really crank up its interaction levels to maximum percent and the social media ad program is their answer.

As the internet becomes more important to society, other companies must follow suite to the actions of the New York Times in order to adapt to the trending mode of interaction in the internet. The power of social media is really a force to reckon with, especially if you’re business establishment connected to the internet. The internet has fully changed the lifestyle of hundreds of millions of people immensely.


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