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How Google Drive rise above the rest

It is an undeniable fact that Google has displayed quite remarkable innovations during the past 5 years. It currently leads in the most used search engine in most countries and has its myriad of useful applications which is in demand today. Recently Google also delved into Social media with the introduction of Google+, which popularized the “circles” which was a unique idea for social media.

Now, Google had made its version of online storage by introducing Google drive. It is their version of an online storage system for their clients. Though it is not a super innovative deal which will push it to the top of the charts, its service is surely a welcome addition of Google’s plethora of applications.

Google Drive can hold 25 GB of files which can be retrieving anytime. Online storage sites like this are a handy tool indeed. Videos and Photos can be transferred from one place to another in an ease. Many people found this type of service very useful. Reporters and many new media reporters use these kinds of services to upload videos for their reports.

One can easily upload any coverage taken from anyplace to an online drive, same as with Google drive and have the station of network download the report from there. Hundreds of miles can be traveled in just a few seconds with the help of the internet. And also with is affordable service charge, Google drive will surely be one of the most used online storage system.

Google drive rises above the competition because it is with Google which is one of the leading companies in the internet, People who are Google+ users will definitely see immediately the innovation of the new Google Drive.  Anyone can now simply upload any video that you want to save or send it to another place. Having this kind of service will be very much appreciated by people who are avid fans of Google.

As the internet continues to grow in size and scope, its importance is also growing exponentially. The people behind Google know all so well that faster information sharing is the most important thing in the internet today. How fast certain information between individuals is very important for the continuance of any site in the internet. Anyone that cannot cope with the growing face paced economic rush in the internet will definitely go broke.


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