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Appetite For Social Media Becomes Insatiable

There seems to be an ever increasing appetite for the countless forms of social media that are available to us now that we are in the twenty first century.  In fact, there has never been a time in human history where communication has been so prevalent and so readily available.  What is more, we don’t have to be tied down to a desk in front of our personal computers or laptops in order to use social media.  The mobile revolution means that we are able to update our friends and families about what we are doing wherever we are by using our smart phones, and computer tablets.  Social media is also available to us from our games consoles and some games even let us choose who we want to play using our social media networks.

Why Is Social Media So Popular?

This is a very good question indeed, but the answer can be found by looking at who we are as a species.  The fact of the matter is that human beings are very much social creatures and we have strong connections with family, extended family and friends.  In those long distant times when we lived in caves, we eventually formed tribes and allegiances culminating in the great cities and towns that we live in today.  Communication is at the heart of everything we do and so it is perfectly understandable why social media is so popular.  We need to connect with those that we care about.  Sometimes we even need to connect with those that we don’t care about.

What Do We Use Social Media For?

Social Media is a fantastic communications tool that allows us to keep in touch with people we may not even share a country with.  We use it to exchange ideas.  We use it to promote ourselves and the things we do.  We even use it sometimes to make people aware of the things that are going on that may affect them.  Regardless of why we use social media there is no getting away from the fact that the more we use it the more we want it.  It brings new meaning to the phrase, “Wish you were here,” for instance, because nowadays you can take a photograph of some exotic place you are visiting on a smart phone and upload that digital picture almost immediately to your chosen social network and it is there for all your friends and family to see.

Social media is so accessible these days that people just can’t get enough of it.



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