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Twitter opens up archives

The famously trending social media site twitter has announced its opening of their archives of almost 2 years of tweeter history. Tweets, client information, location, postings of all twitters that had sign up for the last 2 years will now be accessible for research purposes; the archive which is called Historics was created through the tandem of Datasift and Twitter. Historics is a database of information complete with search ability and filtering capabilities.

Datasift offers information on the numerous transactions twitter users have made during the long two years since the creation of Twitter. Businesses clamor to get access to the Historics because it could tell how ordinary people rate or promote one’s business. This information can help businesses learn from their successes and mistakes from ordinary people’s view and opinions of your product. Customer feedback is one of the most important traits of a good business. Good businesses will not just only sell and not find out about how customers view your products.

The historics is made by the partnership of Datasift and Twitter in order to help businesses get the information they need to gauge their progress. Businesses thrive when people love your services and in case of an emergency. One can start making ways to love customers by finding out what they loved about one’s products. Datasift and Twitter’s Historics is being perfected for the use of businesses and other individuals and wants to make money.

Businesses can avail the historic platform through bundle plans of $1,000 – $15,000 a month. Each price gives the customer enough information for simple searches which is made easy by its built in search function and filtering actions. Hiistorics can truly help businesses become more successful. At present there are more than 1500 companies that have ordered the Historic platform and are anxiously waiting to use them. Though Datasift admits that if one user will erase its posts, or link and such, the account will be automatically deemed non-existent.

As the internet becomes more important to human society, it will become an important to everyday existence that living a world without the internet is very hard to imagine. As social media sites like Twitter opens up its historical database of past tweets, businesses can really mine Historic platform for financial success.


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