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New Google Privacy Plan

Google is one of the most used search engines in the world, anyone who regularly surfs the net knows this famous name.Google became famous for its reliability, ease of access and its superb applications. But recently, many are starting to doubt Google’s integrity as the company announced to all their users of their Privacy policy overhaul. Google announced that the new privacy plan is merging all previous privacy policies for various applications tied up with Google into one single policy, in an effort to simplify its privacy policy.

With the merging of policies, user information from various applications, searches made by user and even emails content will be merged also to create a detail profile of every user of Google. Google finally stated that this policy must be accepted by every user, which made privacy advocates rise up in protest.

Privacy Advocates say that by allowing Google to manage user information even without their consent violates basic human rights. Privacy supporters in European countries, especially in France say that the new privacy plan may be illegal in European countries which can really devastate European Google users.

US attorneys have discussed about this new privacy plan and are worried that it may unconsciously violate the user’s right. They have sent a formal letter to Google to voice out their opinions and to have assurance.

Google further said that users will not even notice the change and transactions will not be affected. Merging all privacy policies and by creating a more detailed user profile by merging all information about the person, from search preference to email content will better serve the user. With the new policy plan they assure better services, quicker searches and many more. The new policy is planned to take effect on March 1, 2012. The only drawback from this policy is the rather “compulsory compliance” of users, which is one of the main points Privacy advocates reject.

Though the legal implications are not that concrete, Google still remains to be one of the best online companies today. Millions of people still rely on the service they provide and many businesses are totally dependent to Google for their transactions. As to how this new privacy policy will affect people is still debatable, one can only wait, hope and see that the excellent services of Google will still remain well into the future and its integrity not tarnished for years to come.


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