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Google, Facebook, Indian Censorship

Google and Facebook are the top two internet sites which are used in the world today. Unfortunately they are both being attacked by India Censorship authorities for some of their anti religious content on their sites. They are being accused of having anti Religious content which is too offensive to Muslims, Christians and Hindus.

These two major websites have already removed some of this content in the beginning of February. In this act other major websites such as YouTube and blogger have also disabled the Ability to search such content on their sites to avoid any clashes.

Last year the Indian authorities had made laws that deemed major companies responsible for What goes on their websites.  They have introduced a new law giving websites 36 hours to take Content down if there is any type of complaint.

A spokesman for Google did not want to comment on this matter and a Facebook representative promised they would release a statement in the near future. Google and Facebook have appealed to the courts against one Hindu petitioner whilst another civil case is being presented from a Muslim Petitioner.

The Hindu petitioner advised that there should be some kind of mechanism that automatically does not allow such content to appear. India is considered to be the third largest country to have access to the internet, and is expected to triple within the next few years. There have been some petitions against these laws, however politicians say that leaving anti religious contents in countries that have suffered long years of war because of religion is not wise.

Facebook and Google are arguing the point that they have no control what so ever over which content is uploaded on the website, stating that it is impossible to pre-filter what is generated by thousands if not millions of users in the world.  Unfortunately the Indian courts will not hear this and demanded that all the material be removed or face the ability of being blocked entirely and undergo the same situation China faced.

This has most likely opened a door for other complaints to be issued in India by smaller groups, jeopardizing the use of these internet sites in the country.

The case has not yet been closed and more hearings and petitioners are expected to come forth in the next year, although Google and Facebook seem not to want to back down.


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