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Facebook offline

The popular social media website Facebook went offline due to technical difficulties, which left an estimated 600 million users unable to access the website, the problem was tackled and fixed within a few hours but no specific information was given with regards to this shut down.

 Facebook representatives apologized to millions of users after they had the problem fixed, but refusing to give any other comments about the cause of the problem. Most of the complaints came from Germany, UK, Italy and France.  Users are hoping that these outages do not occur regularly as it affects their everyday use.

 On Twitter the topic was trending in many countries and many people stated how surprised and disappointed they were with the situation. Many Twitter users alongside other competitive sites joked about  the outage, which can be a good sign for their site by taking advantage of the current situation with Facebook .This left users asking questions on how reliable Facebook is and if they should use other social networking sites.

 This outage was not the first one, back in 2010; Facebook suddenly went offline for two days. It was one of the worst events in social media history, when almost 600 million users struggled with connection for two days. This was one of the lowest points of Face book which had occurred and had put the blame on a change in the system.

 A few months later Facebook experienced another brief outage when the site underwent some updates. While people are spending less time and money in malls, concerts and dining out more and more people are spending time on Facebook. That is why Facebook going offline can really be devastating to millions of users.

 Put in mind that the population of Facebook is far more numerous than many countries, even more populous than the USA. Disappointing Facebook users can be compared as disappointing an entire country.

 Facebook gives people the opportunity to take one’s mind off many things that are going on in the world, such as unemployment, money problems and other everyday hassles. Many people use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends who are abroad. Contemplating a world without Facebook is unimaginable for millions of people who have relied on this famous social media site for their communications with their love ones and friends.


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