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Social Networking Marketing-How to Promote Your Business Effectively

Social network marketing has really exploded in these last few years. It has now become one of the most popular forms of marketing for businesses and individuals. It is not only used for entrepreneurs but also for large companies and even job seekers. Three social media sites dominate the market,, and They each have their own specific purpose in your social networking campaign. In order to make this marketing technique successful you will need to plan ahead.

Make a plan: If you want your social network marketing to be successful then you will need to have a game plan. Once you have your plan set up you can implement it and your network will just keep on growing.

Firstly you should join the three main social media sites,, and Be sure to make good profiles here and upload a picture. LinkedIn will help you to get business contacts and Facebook will help you to make social contacts and build relationships with potential customers. Twitter is for short posts that will help to keep your social network marketing network connections informed of all the events and any new products and services related to your business. You can also add personal posts here as well.

Secondly make a video about your product or an interesting aspect of your business or service. Upload this to and Your video can be a tutorial on one of your products, or anything that can solve your market’s biggest problem. It should be interesting and if possible a little humorous. If you make a good video that becomes popular you can attract a lot of visitors to your site.

Thirdly join a couple of blog sites, and are popular. Then look around for some sites that are relevant to your market and demography. For example attracts educated older people. If possible it is good to have your own blog website as you can attract more visitors with your own website promotions.

Fourthly do some article distribution at a site like When you do this you can put the link to your blog in your bio and draw more visitors to your site. Just one or two articles a week will bring a growing number of readers to the blog.

Lastly link up all the sites and create your own Social network marketing network. This is easy to do by putting a couple of links in your blogs t link back to another blog, article or your website. Remember not to put more than 2 links in your blog, so that your reader stays interested in your blog and does not feel that they are being “sold to.”


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