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Facebook Marketing Secrets Revealed

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites and has a membership of over a billion members. It is growing on a daily basis and is fast becoming an important site to market your business. The most important part of an entrepreneur’s promotion should be to learn Facebook marketing secrets.

One of the little known secrets that many people do not think about is marketing on a certain day of the week. has certain ways that they monitor people’s emotions and they have found that Friday and Thursday are the days when members are happiest. In fact it is up to 10% higher on these days. This is why it is wise to advertise on Facebook on these days. Happy people are more eager to purchase products and services than sad or depressed ones.

Another Facebook marketing secrets to know is to get to know your fans/friends and what they need. Facebook is a social network with the emphasis on being social. Try to build up relationships with your fans and get to know them well. In this way you will be able to know exactly what they want, what their problems might be and find solutions for them with your products and services.

Have a contest: this is a fun way to draw attention to yourself and your business. The prize should be something your fans will like and be excited about so that they will participate. A video contest or photo contest will encourage your fans to share the contest with their friends so that you will get even more buzz for your business.

You can try Facebook’s Sponsored Stories as another Facebook marketing secrets that will be fun for your fans. These stories are generated when someone likes your page, or interacts with your application. A story regarding this action is generated and appears on their friend’s news feed. The story is also placed on the right hand side of the Facebook pages. You can choose what sort of story you want and also select the amount you will bid for its position. You can generate more stories by adding like buttons on your website and discussing with your fans how to create more stories about your app. You should place ads on Facebook to draw attention to your business and stories.

Events should always be celebrated by telling your fans about it. The event can be an upcoming Trade Fair, your 1000th fan or anything relating to your business. Celebrate by offering a discount or special gift to your fans.

These are just a few Facebook marketing secrets to help you promote your business. You will probably be able to think of several more. Remember if you are not taping into Facebook to help promote your business you are losing a lot of exposure.


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