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social bookmarking

Online advertising can be quite expensive and take up the majority of your marketing budget. However there are some cost effective methods that will not break your budget but will still give you the exposure you need. Social bookmarking is one of these methods and is free.

How does it work? Social bookmarking is when you collect resource links and bookmark or save them for later reference. You can join one of the social bookmarking sites that will allow you to store all your bookmarks on one webpage. They will categorize them by using tags or keywords so that you can easily find the exact resource you are looking for.

The advantages of attracting traffic to your website through social bookmarking are many.

Firstly as mentioned it is free online advertising and will not put a strain on your budget. This allows you to free up your money for other marketing projects. It is also a good way to start drawing traffic to your website as it will not cost you anything.

Secondly bookmarking attracts targeted visitors to your website. People who enjoy your resources will very likely visit your website. The visitors who are attracted to the resources will be the same people who are interested in your products and services

Thirdly social bookmarking will not only attract visitors but give you valuable inbound links. These will help to increase your Page Rank with Google and with a higher indexing you will get more visitors from the search engines.

How does help with your online advertising and drive more traffic to your website?

It allows you to create and save bookmarks so that you will be able to access them all from one webpage. These pages can be accessed by different devices like mobile phones, which give more exposure to your webpage. You can also share the webpage at your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This will draw even more attention to your online advertising resources and attract more traffic. The links are categorized by theme so that your readers can find exactly which resource they need.

Voting on resources is also allowed. If even one of your resource links gets a high amount of votes you will attract a lot of readers to it and those readers will convert into traffic for your website. Many people will select the most popular resource by taking into account the number of votes a link has. will also display your website so that you will get more exposure for your online advertising resources. This will help you to attract more readers and traffic for your website.


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