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Social Networking for Businesses

Social Networking for BusinessesForget the old adage, “Don’t mix business with pleasure.Social networking for businesses has become an essential tool and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. The question becomes not if you’ll use social networking, but how effectively. Here are some tips to put you on the fast track to higher profits.

Create a fan page: You’ve no doubt come across websites that want you to ‘like’ them on Face book. Why? Because the more ‘likes’ they get, the higher they will ultimately rank in the search engines. A Higher rank equals more business, period. It’s also a great way to brand you and your company.

Collaborate with Others: Joint ventures are all the rage these days; find someone you trust and who has a business that complements yours (not your direct competition!) Find forums and blogs to connect with others and team up together. This will give you double the exposure, and double the profits.

Be Disciplined: If you make a commitment to post to your site three times a week, then do so. Your fans and followers will come to expect it. If they can’t count on you for reliable information, how they can trust your product or service?

Keep Up with Trends: Facebook and Twitter are not the only games in town, although they remain the most popular. There is also a Google social network, MySpace and several others. You don’t necessarily have to use them all; but make sure you know which ones have the most exposure.

Be Genuine: Let your personality shine through and you’ll connect much faster with your fans and readers. Don’t post just for the sake of posting – have something interesting to say.  Don’t write a book before you get to your point. Short and sweet should be your motto.

Don’t Give Up: Social networking for businesses can, at time, be frustrating. It may feel that you are not getting anywhere or you don’t have as many fans as you wanted. You’re not going to get a million fans overnight; it’s going to take time, perseverance and plenty of discipline. Keep your goals in mind don’t be afraid to tweak your strategy here and there.

Social networking for businesses has come a long way in recent years and thanks to technology, entrepreneurs are enjoying amazing successes, not to mention fat bank accounts. The internet is not going away, and neither are social networks. They will continue to grow and evolve; make sure you don’t get left behind in the dust.


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