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Four Ways to Increase Your Facebook Visibility

Facebook visibilityOkay. You’ve set up a Facebook account. You’ve added photos and favorite movies and songs. You’ve “friended” as many people as you could. At first, you tended your Facebook page like a careful gardener nurturing delicate new plants. You responded to action religiously. You “liked” readings and comments and jokes from others. But, as the weeks progressed your zeal for social media flagged. You updated less frequently. There were entire weeks when you didn’t get around to putting things on your wall or commenting on Facebook.

Not surprisingly, traffic on your social media page lessened. Interactions were way down. What to do? Here are a few ways to increase your Facebook visibility.

First, let’s talk about what that visibility means. Visibility refers to getting noticed and known by others in social media. With twenty-three million Facebook users this social medium has the potential to be huge for your business. Basically, you want what you post on your Facebook page to be seen by as many people as possible.

Start by conditioning your “friends” to watching for your posts. Deliver good content on your Facebook page. If people like what they read, encourage them to comment AND to tell others.  If they like what you have to say, they will come back. Know your niche audience and write for them. Be sure to respond to their comments, and keep the dialogue going.

Get your readers to highlight your posts. Highlighting tells others that they’d like you to write more on this topic.

Next, ask your readers to create a “favorites” pages list and put your Facebook page on it. There is no better advertisement than word of mouth. “Favorites” is the social media’s word of mouth. When your readers put you on their favorite pages list others notice you.

Talk up your business on Facebook. NO! You can’t advertise or sell on this Facebook. BUT, you can talk about what you are doing at work, how your clients are so pleased with your service, or an exciting product you’ve been working on. You can also mention your blog posts where you can advertise what you are producing.

Another way to increase Facebook traffic is to offer helpful information. You can do this in one of two ways: You can refer to your blog. For example: “I’ve been unhappy with the way my hair responds to commercial hair products. So, lately I’ve found neat shampoos, conditioners, and styling products made from natural products like: beer, eggs, chocolate syrup and avocadoes. For yummy hair care recipes, why not have a look at my blog?” OR you can mention your hair woes and offer a recipe to help cure split ends right on your Facebook post. Be sure to mention that tomorrow your page will discuss how to lighten hair without using chemicals. This will get your fans to return to your Facebook page tomorrow.


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