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New Google Social Network Promises to Give Facebook a Run for its Money

Well, ok, maybe not. Google+ (pronounced Google “Plus”) may not quite live up to the hype of putting Facebook out of business. But the new Google Social network does have some cool features that users will find interesting.

Google+ is a social network that connects you with your family and friends, just like Face book does. Where it differs from Facebook is the fact that Google+ has been built from the ground up, and embraces the concept of sharing material with groups called circles. You can create ‘circles’ of people and share certain photos and info with only certain circles. For instance you may have circles for friends, family, members of your book club, members of your networking group, etc. There are no limits to the number of circles you can create.

The obvious benefit to having circles is that you can control who sees what. You don’t have to share photos of your party on Saturday night with your boss, and your mom doesn’t have to see them either. It’s still pertinent to remember that embarrassing moments can still end up on Youtube, so you may want to tone down that party! What gets put on the internet stays on the internet – forever!

Similar to Facebook fan pages and Twitter, it’s possible for you to follow others who have not reciprocated. In other words, haven’t ‘friended’ you back. You’ll only be able to see what the other person has allowed others to see; it depends on how they’ve set their privacy settings.

If you like a photo on one of your friend’s Google+ page, you can “+1” it, similar to “Liking” a post or photo on Facebook. The difference is that your friends won’t see that you’ve +1’d the page, as you do with Facebook. Interestingly enough, the +1s appear in search engines and on Facebook pages.

Google+ also has an instant upload feature, which allows you to upload any picture from your Android phone to a private and centralized photo album. Eventually, they will make it available for other phone systems as well. Let’s hope so.

Google+ is still in beta mode, but at least it’s not invitation-only anymore. You can sign up as a member for free and check out all of the features for yourself. It is fully customizable; you can post your photo and share as much or as little information as you like.

It looks like Facebook is in no danger of dissolving, at least in the near future, and certainly not from the likes of the new Google Social Network.


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