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Online bookmarks on iPhone And Android: SAVE ‘N KEEPS APP

Mobile bookmarking is undergoing a totally new revolution at this point in time. Save n’ Keep  is available for the Android and iPhone platform. Save n’ Keep app is a social bookmarking service that can be downloaded on to your Android phone or your iPhone cell phone. Some people are able to get it directly from the iTunes application. With this application, you are able to book mark any website you desire and you are able to have access to the site from one central information base. This information or database can be reached on the Internet from any device that is Internet capable.

Anyone can register with the mobile bookmarking service for no charge through the online sign up page. This page will require email, username, and password. Once that is logged in, the person can start to add their favorite websites instantly through the click of a mouse button. This button is located on the top left of the home page of the online bookmarks service site.

You’ll be able to share all your sites publicly. You’ll also be able to save them to your own private user account. Your book marks can also be shared on social networking websites, including Twitter, MySpace, and Twitter. All of the features on this online bookmarking site can also be accessed via your Android phone or your iPhone.  You’ll be able to quickly and easily share your sites while you’re on the go. It does not matter if you’re at work, school, vacation, at the beach, at the store, or wherever.

You’ll be able to enjoy what all your friends, family, coworkers and associates are browsing as well. It will not matter where you are located and it won’t matter where they are located, you’ll be able to enjoy. You will also be able to save your social bookmarks and get a chance to vote on the book marks. In addition, individuals are able to view descriptions and information about the sites that are bookmarked. This is done by click on the special buttons that are located in the area of the thumbnails. In order to see how popular a website is, the number votes for each of the book marks online is going to be shown. This can help you determine the quality of a mobilebookmarking website before investigating further.


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