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Dos and Donts of Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking websites are more helpful in search of suitable website and save our time. They define the search more effectively than the search engines. They help the increase in the traffic of the websites and make them flourish. Promoting the websites and blogs can be easily done with proper usage of the social bookmarking websites. First thing is to find out the social bookmarking website which has the community interested in the same field of your website or blog. The interest makes the community members to visit and check your website. Every social bookmarking website will be having certain rules and regulations as their policy. You have to go through those and follow them strictly. If not there are chances for your website to be blacklisted.

Tagging your website in a perfect way is more important in promoting them. The keywords you choose should exactly point your website and the stuff in it. You have to make the people to bookmark your website by encouraging them. Creating multiple accounts in the same computer makes your website getting the bookmarks from same person. This would lead to the ban of your website. You have to build your own network and influence others to visit your website. Apart from promoting the website there are socializing networks based on the bookmarking process. If you are interested in the socializing process you should have to bookmark useful stuff to create good impression among other viewers. Doing the social media bookmarking several times a day makes the others to notice you a lot.

Whenever you get the chance of seeing new website and if it impresses you then you have to be the first person to bookmark the website. You have to comment on the other persons bookmarks in a polite way. This gives an image to you and makes others to notice your bookmarks. The social bookmarking websites creates many friends and gives the chance for you to build strong social network. All these social networks functions in order to create friendship.  The social bookmarking helps them to form the people with the same interest as a group. Regular comments and bookmarking some favorite sites makes you to keep in touch with all the friends in the website. You don’t have to do the social media bookmarking with too many sites which normally annoys the others. Websites or blogs having the simple and nice topics always get greater response from the people.


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