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Do You Know What Is Social Bookmarking?

social bookmarkingSocial bookmarking is nowadays mostly popular among the internet users. It is simple and at the same time very effective to regularize the websites. We search a lot of social bookmarking sites for our needs. They may be in different varieties. Some may interested in the subject search like chemistry, physics etc. mostly school teachers do these kind of search than the students. When they search for the subject, they may find some perfect website and in order to make use of it again usually they write the URL in the note pad. Some may copy the URL and paste in their mail to send to some students or teachers. If the search is one or two then the traditional ways will work. But what if the teacher searches many subjects and have to copy more than fifty websites. It would be a tougher task and make the process difficult.

If the number of websites increases then the lists will surely confuse us. We need to go through the URLs and check which one is needed at present. At the same time the bookmarking helps a lot in this regularizing work. Instead of copy pasting the URL they are book marked with the help of some simple tags. So if we need to see them again we don’t have to go through the list of saved URLs. If we just type the tags then that will bring us the desired website in our screen.  This reduces our time of search and makes the process easier for the people who are busy. Most of the business people, writers and teachers utilize this bookmarking process for their profession.

At the same time if want to share our saved links with our friends or students or our staff then we can make use of social bookmarking websites. It is a simple process.  We need to join in these websites. They are absolutely free and download some extra switches with the help of the websites to our browser. When we find some interesting website then we have to click the button for bookmarking and write some suitable tags we can easily identity later. That is all we need to do. We can share our saved links with the other people to whom we want to. This is social bookmarking and the social bookmarking sites make us to regularize our search and save our time in the vast online ocean.



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