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Comparison between manual and automated Social Bookmarking

bookmarkWhen we find some interesting websites we usually bookmark them in our browser. The same is done with the Save n’ keep social bookmarking sites. They help us organize the search of suitable websites. Moreover the old way of sending the links to others is changed by the social bookmarking websites. They share the websites which we have bookmarked, to the other people. Likewise we can also check the websites of the same interest bookmarked by other people. This is a wonderful and time saving process of web search in internet. When we search for websites in the search engines we will get a list of websites but most of the time we will not be satisfied with the results.

Bookmarked websites are classified in categories and we can find our search easily. At the same time the websites which are mostly bookmarked by several people stands in the first rank. That is natural that a website is supported by several people has to be first. Here comes the business for internet websites. The people who aim to increase the traffic in their websites seek the help of automated tools. They automatically open the account in different top social bookmarking websites and place the website with tags and contents.  When the websites are more bookmarked they will come first during the search. The manual process is slow but can be done effectively. To do the process manually first we have to open account in various social bookmarking sites. After updating the personal profile you have to bookmark the URLs which you would like to share with others. You have to become an active member of the communities in the social bookmarking websites. This makes your website interesting to the people in the community.

Most of the people prefer manual approach because they can ensure the site is posted perfectly in the social bookmarking websites. There are pros and cons in both the manual and automated bookmarking. The time factor is the draw back in the manual bookmarking. It consumes lot of our time. Submitting in various bookmarking sites takes much time for us. Moreover the manual submissions we have to enter the tags and the keywords, most of the time in the same way we do in the other bookmarking sites. But when it comes to automated, the software creates as much profiles and submits your websites in different social bookmarking websites as much as they can. The software is designed in such a powerful way to protect your website from being blacklisted.


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