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Can you “Digg” it…?

Bookmarking is a simple process of saving a website in our computer and to use it for future references. We send the links to our friends to check our favorite website. The same process is done with the online websites and making our bookmarked website to share with millions of other members is called social bookmarking. There are several sites doing this job in a successful way. But the DIGG is the famous and powerful social bookmarking site which helps millions of people to access information. The usual way of getting information is to read newspapers, watching televisions or other media sources. It is true that in those media very few people arranges the news and make them appear in front of us. But in the DIGG we can what is hot and then check the links to read them further. The whole information is decided to be the top priority by millions of people.

You can participate in all the activities in the DIGG like sharing, selecting and discussing the news. If you find something interesting in the internet, you can submit them in DIGG. It appears all at once in the view of other members and they will check it and if they like them then your submission will get support of millions of viewers. The funny part in DIGG is that whoever interested in submitting their blogs or articles or websites and the other members can comment about the submission. Whatever the comments may be the members will accept supportively. That is more important to notice that the websites or blogs allow us to post their links in the social bookmarking sites because of the reason of getting more traffic to their websites or blogs.

This is a two way benefit as the members of the bookmarking sites gets useful or interesting information and the website gets more traffic. Each bookmark will become a vote for the particular website to increase the rank of them in search engines. In order to get higher rank the websites create interesting topics and other activities lead to promote themselves. It is purely business based and there are some service websites which helps people in many ways. But if a website is having increase in traffic automatically revenue will be generated through advertisements. Most of the websites survive in this process. DIGG is the best social bookmarking website and everyone can utilize it in the proper way to gain more benefits through it.


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